Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions for Natural Looking Fuller Hair

Shirley P. Olin

Tired of using remedies to get the hair of your dreams? We understand the pain of women who desire to have long beautiful hair but fail to attain it. Well, hand-tied weft hair extensions have come to your rescue. These extensions are extremely comfortable and lightweight that blend seamlessly into the natural hair for a natural-looking finish. The hair extension is fully concealed and looks very natural.

The Installation Process Of Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

The installation process of Hand-tied weft hair extensions is absolutely safe for your natural hair. The individual wefts are taken which are tied into a rope bead that is attached to the hair shaft. This removes the requirement of any heat, tape, glue, or chemicals. The hair also stays in its natural fall to remove any damage, pressure points, or tension. 

The beats that are used will not be visible in any hairstyle. It does not irritate the scalp or your natural hair. If your hair is extremely thin, you might experience a little heaviness in the beginning because of the additional weight of the extensions, but this will not stay for a long time. You will feel comfortable after a few hours. 

Ways To Take Care Of Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

Hand-tied weft hair extensions last for a good seven to 12 months which depends on how well you’re taking care of it. Maintenance is important for any kind of hair extension for beautiful and healthy hair. Taking care will also allow them to last longer. Here are a few steps that you can consider to keep them soft and shiny:

  • Wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Avoid scrubbing at all costs
  • Follow up with a hydrating conditioner for at least 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly
  • Hair extensions absorb a good amount of water. So, after washing your hair, squeeze and remove excess water with a cotton towel. Allow the hair to dry around 90% before blow drying it
  • Detangling and brushing it is very important but not several times a day. Use a gentle brush to avoid matting

Final Thoughts

Hand-tied weft hair extensions can be washed, styled, and colored just like natural hair that makes them the best choice among other hair extensions. The hairstyle focuses on comfort and scalp health which makes it a quick remedy for people who have thin hair and want to enhance their volume. Give flexibility and freedom to your hair by using these hair extensions!

Differences Between Hand-Tied Weft and Machine Weft Hair Extensions


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