22/05/2024 1:02 AM


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17 Product Picks From Drugstore Mascara To Department Store Finds

When it comes to beauty products, there is SO much out there. Picking the best of the best can be overwhelming with so many choices, so we turned to some of our favorite beauty gurus and makeup-loving friends for their personal recommendations.

The best part is that we have picks that cost as little as $7.95 (spoiler alert: that one got the most votes!) and splurge options for as much as $32 — so whether you’re on a budget or looking to treat yourself, there’s something for everyone.

Best Drugstore Mascara ($)

4 votes: Rach’s makeup artist Joe Simon, Rachael Ray Show hairstylist Carrie Minchin, Rachael Ray Show makeup artist Robin Hamilton, style and beauty guru Gretta Monahan

1 vote: makeup artist Ashlee Glazer

1 vote: Rach’s stylist Cara Jammet

1 vote: celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson

Best Mascara Sold at Department & Beauty Stores ($$)

1 vote: style expert Stacy London

2 votes: makeup queen and founder of Mally Beauty, Mally Roncal, and gastroenterologist and internist, Dr. Roshini Raj

1 vote: beauty expert and makeup artist Jenny Patinkin

1 vote: our buddy and top makeup artist Cynde Watson, who is a paid spokesperson for the IT Cosmetics brand on the Home Shopping Network and Today’s Shopping Choice

1 vote: celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble

1 vote: Leading NYC dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe

1 vote: makeup artist Ashlee Glazer

12. Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara NOT AVAILABLE
1 vote: makeup artist Ashlee Glazer

1 vote: beauty and lifestyle expert Milly Almodovar

1 vote: fashion and beauty guru Gretta Monahan

1 vote: Rachael’s hairstylist Patty Mocarski

Best Luxury Mascara ($$$)

1 vote: lifestyle guru Amy E. Goodman

1 vote: makeup artist Ashlee Glazer