Sleeping Beauty

Enchanted: Every Disney Voice Actor Easter Egg

Enchanted is packed with Disney references, and some lesser-known Easter eggs include cameos by actors who formerly voiced Disney princesses.

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey nailed the leading roles in Enchanted, but the film also featured some discreet cameos from former Disney voice actors. Part parody and part tribute to iconic princess tropes, Enchanted premiered in 2007 as a blend of musical, fantasy and rom-com genres, featuring both live-action and traditional Disney animation. The film was generally well-received, and an Enchanted sequel is now in the works, titled Disenchanted.

Enchanted is centered around Giselle (Adams), an archetypal princess who is forced out of her animated fairytale land of Andalasia into real-life New York City. Though Giselle was infatuated with her classic prince charming, Edward (James Marsden), she is cared for and eventually falls in love with a divorce lawyer named Robert (Dempsey). After overcoming the villain, a

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Sleeping Beauty: 10 Things That Didn’t Age Well

Sleeping Beauty is a Disney classic with great visuals and an interesting story, but there are plenty of things that have not aged well in the movie.

Disney’s 1959 animated musical Sleeping Beauty is certainly one of the many classic fairy tale adaptations that haven’t aged well. The Disney princess’s magical tale originated from the original work The Sun, the Moon, and Talia which was composed by the Italian poet Giambattista Basile and published in 1634.

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The Walt Disney family-friendly version tells the story of a beautiful princess named Aurora who is cursed to die on her sixteenth birthday by the evil witch Maleficent. Her curse is lessened by the good fairy Merryweather and instead of dying, Aurora falls into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. While

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ERA and Equality Act reject female identity as the basis of women’s rights

If Sleeping Beauty awakened today, she may be shocked to learn that being a woman no longer means being female. Gender perception trumps biological reality. In fact, biology is downright bigotry in the progressive-era redefinition of the age-old understanding of sex as the immutable genetic code of being male or female. Prince Charming could have ovaries.

What Sleeping Beauty would find is a culture in chaos. The tempest of this 21st-century moment? A Democratic majority beholden to left-wing activists and propped up by media that temper any balanced reporting of the facts, evidence, or novel narratives that challenge tradition. Social media platforms and their attendant mobs ban truth-telling in the name of “fake news” and censor dissent.

No wonder that the Equal Rights Amendment and the so-called Equality Act are being advanced without any examination of the war on women they portend. Any scrutiny could expose their kiss of deception.

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12 BDSM Books – 12 BDSM Novels

Whether or not it was Fifty Shades of Grey that sparked your interest in BDSM, it’s no secret the world of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission makes for one scorching read. The problem, of course, is that many who actually live the lifestyle found the story of Christian and Ana to be inaccurate at best and problematic at worst.

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Despite having some sizzling scenes (I did love that riding crops had their moment thanks to the franchise), there’s a whole lot more that goes into being both a dom and a sub than Mr. Grey’s “red room of pain.”

From addictive series highlighting BDSM bonds to informative how-to guides, we’ve found the best of the best. Whether you’re looking to step into a dom/sub role, or you just want a sexy story to fulfill your fantasies, here are some must-read page-turners

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Sleeping beauty: 5 dermatologist recommendations for nighttime body care | Senior Living Online Features

Minimize noise with a white noise machine or fan if you wake frequently during the night.

Practice a soothing bedtime routine, like turning off gadgets early and enjoying a warm, relaxing shower.

2. Use products that work overnight

Choose products that work overnight to moisturize to revitalize skin, renew your skin’s surface, and restore dry skin while you sleep. “If your skin sounds squeaky or feels tight after a shower, it has likely been stripped of its natural moisture,” said Farhang.

She recommends Olay Body Wash with Retinol. Supercharged with Retinol and Vitamin B3 Complex, this body wash supports your skin’s natural pH and deeply hydrates to replenish skin’s moisture barrier. It moisturizes to improve skin 3X better than the leading body wash to transform skin from dry and dull to bright and smooth!

3. Elevate your nighttime body care routine with a rinse-off body conditioner

Simply applying lotion

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Disney changed how it handles ‘Peter Pan.’ Will the Disneyland ride be next?

News broke this week that Disney Plus had changed the availability of “Peter Pan,” making it inaccessible on the profiles of children under seven years old. The actual change came months ago as part of a larger decision to keep movies that require a content warning off young children’s profiles, some who may not be able to read those warnings, or understand them without their parents’ help.

The movies, which also include “The Aristocats” and “Dumbo,” are still fully watchable on Disney Plus on adult profiles. They also feature messages from Disney as a preface, pointing out the “harmful impact” of those problematic depictions and encouraging viewers to “learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.” But the change, as these things tend to do in the era of internet outrage, has caused an uproar, with some calling it “censorship” or “cancel culture.”

Though this

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