Day: January 16, 2021

Computer basics: The Internal components of a computer

There are four main functions that all computer systems perform; storing data, imputing data, processing data and outputting the results. External and internal hardware coordinate and communicate with each other to enable a computer system to perform these functions optimally. Internal hardware allows the system to process and store data as well as to communicate with external devices. This article goes through the internal components of a computer. 

The major’s internals components of a computer include:

  • Main memory 
  • Processor
  • Buses
  • Input/output controllers 
  1. The Main memory
    The processor can directly access the main memory. It is made up of memory locations in which data or instructions’ are stored in binary sequences. Each memory location contains a physical address; this is a number that helps in accessing the content of the memory location and also to locate it. There are two major types of main memory the non-volatile memory and the volatile
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