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5 reasons to purchase a flat cap

Flat caps have been around for centuries. Thanks to its long history in England and Ireland, the flat cap has gained the status of a cultural icon in these countries. Throughout their history, flat caps had peaks and lows in their popularity. Recently, they are back in style, mainly thanks to the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. But the fact that they are trendy again is not the only reason why you should buy them. There are many cool things about the flat cap that makes it such an appealing headwear option. 

Suitable for all types of faces

The most important reason is that flat caps can suit all face types. The most popular styles of flat caps are the ivy flat cap and the newsboy hat. The main difference between them is that the ivy flat cap has a lean body and a short and stiff brim, while the newsboy hat has a fuller crown made of 8 panels that are sealed with a button at the top. If your face is larger, then an ivy cap would suit you better. If the shape of your face is smaller and more round, then a newsboy hat would work best for you. If you are looking for the perfect cap that would suit your face and your taste, check out the Irish flat caps from Exclusively Irish

You can wear them in any season

Whether it’s winter or summer, you can sport a flat cap confidently. It all depends on the material. For the cold season, you need a flat cap made of wool or tweed. These are the best materials because they are warm, breathable, and also durable. For spring and winter, you can opt for a nice flat cap made of linen or breathable cotton. It will protect you from the sun and will add bonus style points to your look.

They can be worn by anyone

Another important reason why you should buy a flat cap is that it can be worn by anyone, be it male, female, young or old. You can style a flat cap however you like no matter your gender. However, there are things you can do to add a more feminine touch to your look. For example, you could wear it unpinned or snapped. A lot of people saw the flat cap as an old man’s headwear. This perception changed in the last decades thanks to the celebrities who incorporated the flat cap into their style and to TV shows like Peaky Blinders. These days, you can see more and more young people wearing flat caps. 

Suitable for different kinds of styles

No matter what some people might say, flat caps are fashionable because they can suit basically any kind of style. If you enjoy the classic style, you can include the flat cap into a nice classic ensemble. If your style is more casual, a flat cap would also work perfectly for you. It is also suitable for people with a preference for the hipster aesthetic or a more vintage aesthetic, or even for people with a more eccentric sense of style.

They’re an Irish cultural emblem

Last but not least, there is also a cultural element to the flat cap. People more readily associate the flat cap with Ireland because it has a long history there and because it is the most popular headwear choice there. In fact, the flat cap is a cultural emblem in Ireland. If you have Irish roots, this style might appeal to you for that particular reason. Whether you’re Irish or non-Irish, the flat cap will definitely add a bit of Irish charm to your look!