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6 Winter Design Trends That Make Us Actually Glad To Be Stuck Inside

As relieved as we were to close the book on 2020, the cold, hard truth is that we’re still in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s gloomiest season—where the days are short, the nights are long, and we’re stuck at home because of the global pandemic that continues to rage outside.

We know it’s enough to make you lose your mind. But we’re here to give you some reasons to actually be glad you’re cooped up indoors. (OK—that might be overstating it, but we’re trying to look on the bright side in 2021.)

We’ve polled the pros to bring you this winter’s hottest design trends. From old to bold, these looks are sure to provide inspiration for you to spruce up your space and—dare we say—actually enjoy the next few months inside. Without further ado, here are the season’s biggest trends, plus insider tips on how to create the look in your home.

1. ‘Grandmillennial’ style

Photo by Sarah Greenman

Grand-what, you say? Yes, that’s right—what’s old is new again! “Grandmillennial” style pulls from classic design, and leans into antiques, busy patterns, and ruffles. And it’s having a moment in all things fashion and home decor.

“From ‘cottagecore’ to crochet, we’ve seen this rise into fashion in 2020, and think it will be stronger than ever in the new year,” says Alessandra Wood, vice president of style at Modsy. “Just as people are looking for traditional styles to soothe the uncertainty of the world, the grandmillennial style offers similar comforts.”

Ready to bring some old-school comfort into your living room? Shop this flowery Jeanbaptiste chaise lounge.

2. ’70s-inspired natural materials

The uncertainty of the pandemic has also led people to turn toward soothing natural materials rather than cold cement or metal.

Photo by The Home Co. 

“This winter, trending natural materials such as rattan, cane, light beechwood, and light marble are all giving a nod to ’70s design,” says Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design.

“These materials are light and airy, and bring your home from winter to summer,” she says. “They’re also easily incorporated in various decor styles, and introducing them can be accomplished through a variety of applications, including light fixtures, side chairs, storage credenzas, or even area rugs.”

Put a little sophisticated funk into your space with this Uttermost Hilo rattan pendant light.

3. Rust-colored everything

Photo by Deborah French Designs 

If there’s one color that’s completely dominating the scene this season, it’s got to be rust—that delicious, red-orange-brown hue that we (and everyone else) just can’t seem to get enough of.

“Earthy rust tones complement many other colors and can even be used to enhance other color schemes,” says Harrison-McAllister. “Neutral in design, you can easily introduce this color to your home through accent pieces that add

warmth to cooler tones.”


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Shop this light rust-colored knit floor pillow to bring some earthy warm hues into your space this winter.

4. Bold wallpapers

Photo by Post 31 Interiors 

From floral patterns to geometric ones, bold wallpaper designs are used on accent walls and even whole-room makeovers this season.

“As people look to create more personalized interiors, we’re seeing an uptick in highly saturated, bold walls,” says Wood. “These moody palettes and designs might remind people of their favorite restaurants or hotels, creating a subconscious, mental escape from one’s own home.”

Or we might just be drawn to the past, designers say.

In the “Victorian era or the mid-20th century, people decorated their homes with bold and intense color palettes,” Wood says. “Perhaps as we lead lives that are more centered at home, we, too, are turning to make more bold statements.”

Set the mood with this Victorian-esque Aviva Stanoff wallpaper.

5. Geometric furniture and design

Photo by Van Parys Architecture + Design 

In another statement-making move, geometric-inspired furniture pieces and designs are having a heyday right now.

“One thing is for sure,” says Chairish co-founder and President Anna Brockway. “Postmodern and 1980s Memphis–inspired pieces are here to stay. We’re wild for this hard-edge geometry that adds dramatic tension to a space.”

Start your geometric design off small with this Silver Orchid accent table, or go big with this Borst geometric bookcase.

6. ‘New Victorian’ style


You’ve heard of Victorian, but have you heard of new Victorian? In a nutshell, this trend is keeping the good parts of Victorian style (luxe-looking mirrors, for instance) and ditching the bad (stiff, uncomfortable furniture) to create some pretty eclectic spaces—and we’re pretty obsessed.

“We’ve been watching this trend in fashion for some time now via lace collars, rich velvets, and ruffles, and this year, the old-world meets new trend has stolen our hearts in home decor, too,” says Brockway. “Contemporary takes on Victorian-era styles like gilt, ornamentation, verdant florals, and decoupage to add some instant old-world whimsy to your space.”

Add some new Victorian vibes to your space with this Holmberg Venetian accent mirror, or make a tabletop statement with these Rosdarf Park candlesticks.

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