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9 Best Sharon Carter Cosplays

Cosplaying allows a person to become another character and immerse themselves in their imagination. A lot of elements go into accurately bringing a character to life. Sometimes, elaborate costuming and makeup, extravagant poses, and a multitude of props are necessary. However, there are those characters whose cosplays have less to do with physical appearance and more to do with behavior and attitude.

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Sharon Carter is one of those. Played by Emily VanCamp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sharon goes through a riveting but mostly unseen journey that takes her from idealistic young agent to hardened and cynical crime boss. Sharon doesn’t wear a gimmicky costume or wields a fancy weapon. Her operation’s success depends on her looking and acting like a regular civilian. These cosplays understand that and bring the character out of the screen and into the real world.

9 Some Humor In The Ordeal

Cosplayer @cospayton takes a humorous approach to the art of cosplaying. “I spend months making costumes only to wear them for two hours,” she writes in her bio, and honestly, where is the lie? Payton has a wide variety of characters on her Instagram page, from Harley Quinn to Jennifer Check, Megan Fox’s character in the cult classic Jennifer’s Body.

When it comes to emulating Sharon Carter, Payton does little in terms of clothes and makeup. A plain blue shirt and soft wavy hair are all she needs to re-create VanCamp’s familiar pose in her Captain America: The Winter Soldier promotional poster. Still, this look is a great tribute to their favorite character.

8 Hardcore Fan

@thecalicoqueen is a true Sharon Carter fan. “Put some respect on my girl’s name,” she writes in the caption of her cosplay, after stating that she’s a tad unhappy with the way Marvel wrote the character.

Sharon indeed gets little time in the spotlight, but she makes the most of it, and this cosplayer understands that. Taking inspiration from Sharon’s ensemble during Bucky’s escape attempt in Civil War, this cosplayer captures the defiant and confident essence of the character.

7 The New Sharon

Candice B. Cosplay is a self-described Disney lover, Potterhead, world traveler, and Photoshop novice. HSplit image with two Sharon Carter cosplayser Instagram page is full of different takes on classic characters like Princess Merida, Ariel, Moira Rose, and even Tommy Pickles!

For her recreation of Sharon’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier poster, Candice nails the clothing and background. However, it’s all about the attitude, and Candice conveys Sharon’s newfound ruthlessness with just her facial expression.

6 The Truth Comes Out

As her Instagram name suggests, @julsromanoff loves the Black Widow. In her bio, right after she declares herself a Black Widow cosplayer, she reminds everyone to dress for the job they want, not the one they have, which is honestly pretty spot-on advice.

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Juls chooses Sharon’s Power Broker reveal as the moment to emulate in her cosplay, perfectly conveying the scene’s emotions. Juls captures the tension that made it so thrilling to begin with, accurately revisiting one of TFatWS‘s pivotal scenes.

5 Classic Sharon

So far, Sharon hasn’t used her classic comic book attire in any of her appearances. Even in TFatWS, she seems committed to her civilian identity, choosing regular and practical clothes instead of a high-tech, gadgety suit like Black Widow’s.

Cosplayer @codenamecitadel chooses to honor the source material and goes for a literal adaptation of Carter’s Agent 13 suit. Dressed in white and preparing to strike, Renee perfectly captures Sharon’s take-no-prisoners attitude that’s her trademark in both the comics and the MCU.

4 Straight To The Point

Cosplayer @finalleigh_ashleep is an artist and production designer with “various obsessions.” In her Instagram page, she gives her own interpretations of various characters, including an inspired adaptation of Eternals leader Ajak from Neil Gaiman’s Eternals run.

To become Sharon Carter, Ash gets straight to the point. A blonde wig, a hoodie, and a gun are all she needs to bring the character to life. She succeeds, once again proving that, in cosplay as in any other performance, it’s all a matter of attitude.

3 A Romantic Moment

Cosplaying can also be about bringing an iconic scene to life, and that’s precisely what @whatkatydidcosplay does. Going back to Sharon’s first-ever appearance in the MCU, Katy chooses this wholesome and even romantic moment when Steve awkwardly tried to ask Sharon out and got rejected by an agent who takes her job very seriously. Dressed in Sharon’s scrubs and holding a laundry basket, Katy does justice to the scene.

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She has several other cosplays on her Instagram page, including several photos of her as Sharon’s aunt, Peggy Carter.

2 All About The Sass

Sharon gets a memorable fight scene in Civil War, in which she tries to stop Bucky from escaping his imprisonment. She displays some of her considerable abilities, proving she’s capable of keeping up with a super-soldier despite having no superpowers of her own.

Cosplayer @fangirlsmagicxo is a self-described fangirl with far too many OTPs and an intense love for all things Marvel. In her cosplay, she mirrors Sharon’s initial confidence and loyalty to the system, a certainty that would eventually lead her down a darker path.

1 Serving Executive Looks

Noel is a creator who encourages people to have courage and be kind, words taken out from Disney’s 2015 live-action Cinderella remake. Noel does all kinds of cosplays, from Ramona V. Flowers to Samus Aran and everything in between.

For her Sharon cosplay, she chooses the character’s final moments in TFatWS. After getting pardoned and seemingly rejoining the CIA, Sharon calls her Madripoor allies, intending to sell government secrets to the highest bidder. It’s a heck of an ending, which Noel immortalizes with a simple yet effective look.

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