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A complete guide to buying winter shoes in Norway!

Winter Boots Buying Guide | Overlook Boots

The winter season in Norway is characterized by severe cold weather and heavy snowfall. The perpetual snow means thick snow will cover the ground everywhere you go. Norway is famous for its chilly winter months, where the sun hardly comes out, and icy winds prevail. Visiting such Arctic regions is a challenge when packing clothes and footwear. Travel advisors suggest all visitors come fully prepared to ensure that they enjoy their stay; otherwise, the ice and frost are enough to scare one away. 

Going to Norway means that all your activities will revolve around snowy surfaces. The mountains attract tourists for hiking and skiing. And the white slopes are a site for sledding and snowballing. To prepare for all these exciting adventures, you must buy the appropriate winter shoes. But if you do not want to get scammed or get a bad-product, you can check out reviewsbird.no, a platform providing authentic reviews about brands and companies providing different services.

  • Warmth 

When buying shoes for Norwegian landscapes, you must be particular about the most suitable ones. The first thing to look for is buying those which will keep your feet warm and cozy. Wearing shoes that do not protect from the brisk wind is a real nuisance. You and your family cannot fully enjoy a tour of Norway if you are constantly bothered by frozen feet. 

  • Grip 

Wearing shoes that help you maintain a steady gait on snowy surfaces is essential. You must be able to walk easily without slipping and falling. Therefore, when buying winter shoes, remember to check for sturdy and gripping outsoles. Look for patterns that will maximize your balance. If you are considering buying shoes in Norway, the grip shoes can prove to be very useful. It is also a good idea to check out ice-shoe guides so that you can make a proper decision.

  • Sizing

Sizing is a primary feature to ensure when searching for winter shoes. Make sure to confirm the size, which is not too snug or cramps your toes. The fitting should be loose enough to allow you to wear a thick pair of socks. 

  • Waterproofing 

This element becomes necessary when buying shoes for a visit to the North. The enthusiasm for continuing a hike or walk is ruined if one’s shoes or socks get soaked. Ask the shopkeeper to show you those boots which prevent water or ice from penetrating. 

  • Comfort 

Shoes that offer comfort are the right ones to buy. You should always strive to look for shoes that look nice or fashionable and are comfortable to wear. Try them on until you are satisfied with the level of support they provide to your feet. The padding and arches should compliment your foot shape; otherwise, you will be uneasy after walking in them. The style of laces is included in this context, and you should select the one you prefer. 


A wide variety of winter shoes is available in the market. And choosing the ones which will cater to all your requirements while on vacation to Norway is indispensable. You might have to browse many shops before settling on the ones that fit perfectly. Follow the points to look for sturdy and durable shoes that help you in snowy landscapes.