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All The Clues The Cast May Be Filming At A Winter Resort

After spending time in the sun, the cast seems to be heading to colder weather. From hints on IG, it looks like they are filming at a winter resort.

After Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino revealed the cast has already begun filming the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, fans were left wondering where the new season will take place. They are now speculating that the cast is currently heading to some type of winter resort to film a majority of the upcoming season. The theory emerged after much of the cast posted on Instagram confirming they were back at work for MTV.

Season four of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation came to end just a week ago, as the family (finally) enjoyed what was left of their Vegas vacation drama free. The entire season was focused on the never-ending aftermath of the infamous bridesmaids’ speech at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding. which aired as the season three finale. As Snooki quit the show due to the drama, Jenni “Jwoww” Farley and Deena Cortese had their minds set on never filming with Angelina again. Nearly a year later, to their shock, the boys managed to get all the girls to sit down and work out their issues. At the end of the final episode, fans got an inside look into the next season, which included Deena and Lauren’s pregnancies, Ronnie’s new girlfriend Saffire Matos, and, of course, plenty of tears.

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While the cast spent some time in the sun for this past season as they stayed in a Vegas resort, it is rumored that they will be bundling up in winter clothes for the new season. Fans on Reddit are speculating that the roommates are currently heading to a winter resort to film on location together. It’s assumed the resort is located somewhere on the East Coast. Fans think it’s probably in New Jersey, as that’s where a majority of the cast currently resides. Some possibilities include Mountain Creek or Crystal Springs Resorts. Mountain Creek is a ski resort, while Crystal Springs is just a winter resort in western New Jersey.

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Fans assume the new season will take place in New Jersey for a few reasons. Most importantly, both Deena and Lauren can no longer fly due to their pregnancies. Aside from that, Ronnie, who currently lives in Los Angeles, recently posted an Instagram story on a private jet, hinting that he was headed to a location to film. Pauly’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall, also posted an Instagram story from inside a ski lodge. While a majority of the season will most likely take place at some type of set location, some parts seem to have been filmed prior to the trip. Mike, Lauren, and Pauly have posted videos and photos of camera crews inside their homes. Snooki and Angelina were also spotted on a lunch date surrounded by cameras.

While the details of the upcoming season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation remain unknown, fans seem to have pieced much of the logistics together based on what they have seen on social media. Although rumors claim Snooki is returning to the show, her social media posts don’t seem to line up with those of the rest of the cast. While they all have been posting photos from the mountains, Snooki is still at home with her kids.  However, she could potentially arrive at the resort later than the rest of the group. It’s also possible she only agreed to film her sit down with Angelina and opted out of the vacation.

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