17/04/2024 6:44 PM


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Bread Beauty Supply Is The Natural Hair Brand Making Haircare Basics For Not-So-Basic Hair

When you think about grocery list essentials, what are some things that come to mind. For me, it’s milk, eggs, butter—and bread.

And that’s the whole concept behind the natural hair care brand Bread Beauty Supply: getting exactly what you need when you need it. 

Catering solely to the basic needs of the kinky-curly girls, this Australia-born, black-owned brand is an ode to all of us who ever felt unacknowledged in the larger, mainstream conversation about hair because of our natural hair type and texture.

BREAD promises to not only include us in the conversation but make sure it’s all about us. 

Get into the brand making the essentials fun, uncomplicated, and no longer a chore.

About the brand—Meet its founder, Maeva Heim 

Bread Beauty Supply Founder

Spending a lot of time at her mother’s African hair braiding salon, Maeva became very familiar with the ins and outs of cultivating womanhood (especially black womanhood) through beauty and hairstyling from a young age.

In an interview with VOGUE, Maeva revealed that, because of the salon, she had always been a part of a hair culture that attempted to fill in the gaps for Black women:

“The salon was almost like a mini beauty supply as well, because we’d import textured hair care products from America to have in the salon, because you couldn’t find anything like that in Australia,” she says.

This—mixed with her experience working in a beauty industry that didn’t cater to textured hair, and an untimely explosion of a hair relaxer in her luggage—led to her redefining her own relationship with her hair and wanting to encourage other women to do the same. 

Some research, a little planning and pitching, and one Sephora Accelerate Program later—the BREAD Beauty Supply we know today was born. 

So what’s good about Bread Beauty Supply products?

There are tons of great things about the products over at Bread Beauty Supply.

For starters, they’re color-safe, cruelty-free, and they make it a point to let you know that they don’t formulate any of their hair products with harmful silicones. 

But the real magic? They’re super fuss-free.

One thing about natural hair care is that there are so many steps. Oil this, section that, twist those! When does it ever end? Well, it ends with BREAD and its simplified philosophy of uncomplicated textured hair essentials. 

Like their award-winning Macadamia Oil that they like to call their one-stop-drop. You can use it to seal hydration and moisture in your hair, as well as your body.

That’s right, it’s a lightweight multipurpose oil that can be used as a hot oil treatment and a one-step pre-wash, while also leaving your body with a dewy finish from head to toe. 

And let’s not even talk about how they’ve revolutionized wash day! There’s literally no need to do a million and one steps just to wash your hair when BREAD’s Hair Wash exists.

It’s a shampoo, co-wash hybrid that cleanses and conditions your hair all in one. 

As you can see, all of these products were made with your time, money, and hair health in mind.

How can you not love that? 

BREAD Hair Cream

Formulated with quinoa protein, mango butter, and capric triglyceride (aka a coconut oil-glycerin combo), this hair cream is everything you need to keep your hair well-moisturized, super defined, and beautifully bouncy all day long. 

Unlike hair gel, this hair cream delivers a light hold without any of the crunchy stiffness we try to avoid.

It’s the perfect wash-and-go companion, and will even help you achieve the best overnight flexi or perm rod set you’ve ever had.