Camila Cabello Is in Her Wednesday Era With Black Lipstick and a Faux Bridge Piercing – See Photo

Shirley P. Olin

While Wednesday Addams is most likely digging up a grave somewhere (for fun and in the fictional world, of course), Camila Cabello is out here in the real world closing out the season final of The Voice with a vivacious black lip and a glitter faux bridge piercing. The first makeup accent of the two in question would make Addams utterly proud, as would Cabello’s tribute to Addams’s dance solo at the Nevermore Academy’s annual Rave’N dance.

Who else could bring Cabello’s Wednesday era to life other than her right-hand makeup artist, Patrick Ta? When Cabello and Ta team up, they infuse glint and glam through monochromatic finishes and shimmer – whether it’s with a nude lip paired with sparkling eyelid decals or the gems once lined up precisely underneath Cabello’s brow bone. Mind you, the Cuban music artist has been donning these heightened accents while headlining shows in different parts of the world and simultaneously working as a judge on The Voice

Her liking for the nude lip hues turned itself over to the dark side on December 12 as Ta shared a glam-fie of her latest makeup look on Instagram. It’s all pink shimmer from the cheekbones up, starting with the glittered line connecting the inner corners of her eyes and bridging across her nose (which, we must say, looks quite similar to a bridge piercing). On her lips lays a satin black lipstick. He lined the lower lash line of her eyes with white eyeliner as well, so her brightened eyes coordinated perfectly with her pearled choker.

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