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Snowmobiler discovers northern Michigan family of 3, including baby boy, dead after ‘unfortunate tragedy’

The bodies of a family of three were discovered in northern Michigan outside a pickup truck that appeared to have gotten stuck in what sheriff’s office officials are calling an “unfortunate tragedy.”

The Ogemaw County Sheriff’s office said a snowmobiler discovered the bodies of Amanda Pomeroy, Douglas Dougherty and their baby son, Jacob, shortly before 4:30 a.m. Saturday along Stoney Ridge Road in a remote area of Rose Township. 

On Tuesday, Undersheriff Paul Frechette told Fox News the autopsy examination had been completed and investigators had learned their deaths were not suspicious and no criminality was believed to have been involved.


“Preliminary results indicate hypothermia and exposure to the winter elements as the preliminary cause of death, pending toxicology results and a final autopsy report,” the sheriff’s office said in a Wednesday press release. 

Frechette called the deaths an “unfortunate tragedy.”


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Tens of Thousands Flood Moscow Streets to Protest Alexei Navalny’s Arrest

MOSCOW— As groups of youth dressed in hip winter clothes arrived in the Chistye Prudy area and began the walk along the pedestrian boulevard toward the central avenue of Tverskaya, it looked by 2 PM as if all pedestrians of the Russian capital were walking in the same direction—to Pushkin Square to join the protest against Alexei Navalny’s arrest.

It turned out to be by far the biggest rally Moscow had seen since the summer of 2019. At least 30,000 people joined the anti-Putin protest in Russia’s capital, as dozens of thousands protested across the country, answering Navalny’s call.

“What are these thieves scared of most of all? Of people coming to the streets,” Navalny said earlier this week, before his improvised court hearing at a police station following his return to Russia after an assassination attempt.

His supporters in major Russian cities responded with demonstrations against corruption

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How to Layer Clothes for the Warmest Winter Outfits

how to layer clothes
how to layer clothes


Winter is a great time for getting cozy in our favorite sweatshirts and coats, but it can be a little bit of a pain when it comes to layering. You see, constantly having to peel off clothing when it gets a little too hot is no fun, and it’s also not ideal to pile on so many layers that you look like the Michelin man. Alas, learning how to layer clothes is an art and we’re here to help you master it.

How to layer clothes:

  1. Color-coordinate: Neutrals will always work well together, but if you want to wear colorful clothing make sure to stick to complementary color families for a put-together look.

  2. Play with textures: Jazz up your outfit by integrating different textiles, like faux fur and cotton or leather and silk. Doing this will give your clothing more dimension and will make your

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