13/06/2024 2:03 AM


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Chelsea Handler celebrates 46 in her birthday suit

Chelsea Handler is living her best life as she skis her way through Canada in her birthday suit.

The comedian posted a video of herself on Instagram on Thursday in which she’s skiing down a hill in nothing but pasties, underwear and a helmet decorated with both Canadian and American flags, a celebration of her 46th birthday. But while sharing an ode to both of her homes — as she’s currently living in Canada on a work visa — Handler also shared a message of self love.

“It’s important to stay hydrated as well as relaxed, and it’s also important to celebrate your body no matter what age or size,” she captioned the video. “This is 46 (with some peptides) and as I transition into a mountain woman I want to give a big shout out to the two countries I have the strongest ties to.”

Handler recently shared the news that she’s spending the winter in Canada, explaining on Instagram that she’s there for work and has followed all mandatory quarantine rules. While there, she’s also picked up skiing as her hobby.

“This is the place that made me fall in love with skiing, fall in love with the mountains, and appreciate that Mother Nature is always in control, and that we must respect her and we must respect each other,” she shared. “Coming to Canada after our election and during Covid was like walking into civilization for the first time in 4 years. No one in Canada argues about wearing a mask to protect others. People here respect Mother Nature and have taught me how important it is to be connected to this earth we are guests on. This is not our home. We are only guests.”

Handler went on to share her appreciation for both Canada and America in her birthday post, writing that “America could learn a lot from Canada and Canada has learned a lot from America.” One thing that has remained consistent however, she wrote: “no matter what country I’m in, I like to take my clothes off and smile.”

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