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Christmas Manicure Ideas That Are Far From Cliche

Christmas Manicure Ideas That Are Far From Cliche


nce we hit the Thanksgiving mark, the urge to vamp up everything takes over. We start fussing about our decor, travel, food, and appearances. It’s officially the season to unapologetically look our best. We are counting down to off-duty days, and the hair, clothes, and nails have no choice but to give what they’re meant to give this holiday season. The first step is to explore as many Christmas manicure ideas as possible and pitch your tent with the one that resonates with you.

2022 nail arts are as creative as they are self-expressive. While the minimalist train is obsessing over neutral french tips and subtle shimmering variations, the go-bold-or-go-home gang is exploring the bright colors and mismatched patterns in all their elements.

These Christmas manicure ideas are not your regular manis…

#1. Chrome manicure

The glitz, glam, and shimmer of it all. Chrome nails are arguably the biggest nail trend right now. Its fine finish makes it a celebrity and beauty influencer’s favorite. Think 3D bubbles, matte french tips with rhinestones, and even color-shifting options.

#2. Shimmering Frenchies

French tips have always been the rave, and at this moment, the shimmering variations are everything. Shimmer is a must-do this season and it doesn’t matter if it’s a dress or your mani—they come correct every time. Go hard on this holiday nail trend.

#3. Checkers vibes

Few patterns are as synonymous with Christmas as checkers. Interestingly, it has a way of tugging at the heart, perhaps due to its resemblance with certain wrapping papers. Play up the vibes with a good dose of shimmer. After all, it’s Christmas.

#4. Popping add-ons

Not everyone would prioritize a practical manicure over making a bold statement—side eye to Cardi B and Dua Lipa. Bold nails with chains, hoops, or metallic add-ons are great conversation starters. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box Christmas manicure ideas, consider unique add-ons.


#5. Christmas blues

It’s a numerous-shades-of-blue typa holiday and everyone is testing the blue waters. From cobalt to royal blue, make things pop with this hue.

#6. Mani blend

The mismatched 2022 nail art idea is super cool this season. They can be achieved with press-on stickers or full-on nail tech level. The asymmetric nail is achieved with a different design per nail and can be whimsical and goofy. These fun Christmas manicure ideas are all the hots right now.


#7. 3D nail art

These Christmas nail ideas might look complicated but these artsy high vibration nails are worth it. 3D nail trends like water droplets are considered beauty upgrades—another Korean beauty trend to be grateful for.

#8. Icy tips

Match your festive nails with the frosty winter snow. A bit of glitter and snowflakes, and the result is an icy-tuation.

#9. Red and gold

Red has always been employed as one of Christmas’ official hues, and the aesthetics are simply timeless. Consider a red-themed mani with gold accents for a festive affair.

#10. Floral matte

Connect with the cold weather in unexpected florals and muted tones. The typical cold weather nails can hype your holiday spirits and get an approving glance or two in your direction.

See more splendid Christmas manicure ideas to rock this holiday season…

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