Combat the cold this winter

Shirley P. Olin

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There is nothing worse than shivering to your bones on a cold winter’s day. Sometimes wearing layer upon layer does not even help to keep the cold at bay. And who wants to wear five layers of clothes when you can be snug and comfy with Cape Union Mart and K-Way’s 40 YEARS STRONG limited-edition clothing collection?

K-Way turns 40

In celebration of K-Way’s 40th birthday, Cape Union Mart and K-Way have launched a 40 YEAR STRONG limited-edition clothing collection. This proudly South African brand is known for its top quality and beautifully tailored clothing perfect for the explorer and homebody alike.

Nestled in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, the K-Way factory shop’s production line has always kept its customers geared to travel across the world. Whether it is up steep mountains, down stormy rivers, hiking through thick forests or making their way across scorching deserts or vast oceans, K-Way’s garments have kept adventurers warm, cool and safe.

Each K-Way’s limited-edition clothing garment is designed with skilled precision and cutting-edge technology. Pride reflects K-Way’s production line from beginning to end, from the stitching to the design and testing. Just what we need to stay warm in the cold South African weather.

a man standing on a rock: Stay warm with K-Way. Image: Supplied.

© Provided by The South African
Stay warm with K-Way. Image: Supplied.

Face the elements with K-Way’s limited-edition clothing

From its inception, K-Way’s main goal was to produce the best technical and leisure apparel. No matter where you find yourself in the world, with K-Way you will always find yourself sufficiently geared from head to toe to face the elements.

This winter, make sure you and your family stay warm with K-Way. To stay warm and make use of K-Way’s great offers, click here.

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