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Complete Shopping Guide For Aviator Sunglasses

Ultimate Guide to Aviator Sunglasses: Find the Best Aviators for You

Aviators are the most popular style of sunglasses throughout the world, known for their instantly recognizable lens shapes and double-bridge frames that exude old-school charm. These sunglasses are great not only to protect your eyes from the harms of direct, harsh sunlight but also to express your style in a way that resonates with your personality. These glasses are equally popular amongst men and women and are preferred by people who want a pair of sunglasses that will blend well with every wardrobe style.

There are a variety of options available in the market when it comes to these. Every manufacturer has its own spin on the classic aviator design, providing you with a wide range of choices for lens shapes, frame materials, frame styles, and more. When you go shopping for your pair of aviator sunglasses, you might get easily flustered by the wide range of styles and customization choices. Here is a comprehensive guide outlining top considerations that will help you choose from the wide variety of these types of sunglasses that will look best on you.

Facial Structure and Shape

Face shape or structure is one of the foremost considerations when it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses. It is essential to choose a style that will contrast the structure of your face for the perfect look. For instance, teardrop lenses cover more vertical area than other styles of lenses and hence look great on short and round faces compared to long faces. On the other hand, a navigator style with square or rectangular lenses might be perfect for long faces and sharp jawlines.

Types of Lenses

Aviator lenses are available in a wide range of color and finishing options. You can choose between solid or tinted colors and mirrored or non-mirrored finishes. Additionally, you can choose between polarized and non-polarized lenses. When shopping for the ideal pair of these sunglasses, it is recommended to choose mirrored and polarized lenses that provide maximum glare reduction and clearer overall vision. It is also advisable to choose anti-UV lenses that offer maximum protection against the harms of unfiltered sunlight.

Types of Frames

Aviator frames come in different options for materials, including plastic, metallic, and mixed. Metal frames are the classic of these frames that have been in vogue for the past century. However, you can opt for plastic frames that are more lightweight and cost-effective than metallic frames, or mixed frames that combine the best properties of metallic and plastic frames in a chic package.

These types of frames also come in a wide range of colors that can be coordinated to your lens color and tint. While most of these frames are gold in color, silver and black are just as timeless as gold and pair well with all types of wardrobes, whether formal, semi-formal, or casual. You can also customize the bridge of your frame and choose between single or double bridged frames, both being equally popular amongst eyewear enthusiasts.


Aviators are a timeless design of sunglasses that goes with a wide range of wardrobe choices and makes you look effortlessly fashionable. These glasses come in a variety of color and design options and using this guide you can choose the perfect pair to match your individual style.