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Digital meets fashion at Superverse, Dubai’s Metaverse-focused creator summit

Superverse, the Middle-Eastern region’s biggest creator summit, will present an exclusive fashion show in Dubai with a selection of progressive fashion talents and exhibits of the latest technology in digital fashion. The fashion show will include pieces by renowned costumier and celebrity designer Jack Irving, known for his work with Lady Gaga, Doja Cat and Paris Hilton. Emerging fashion designer Flora Miranda will also showcase her avant-garde experimental pieces, all designed around the concept of “digital meets fashion.” In addition, cutting-edge designer Asher Levine, who has produced one-of-a-kind pieces for celebrities such as Will.i.am and Beyonce, will exhibit his unique style combining science and illumination technology.

Cutting-edge founders within the cyber fashion industry, such as Tribute Brand founder and CEO Gala Marija Vrbanic, The Dematerialised co-founder Marjorie Hernandez, Artisant.io founder Regina Turbina and more, will be speaking at Superverse in the Dubai Festival City Arena on Feb. 22, 2022. Superverse covers panels that explore fashion through NFTs and the Metaverse, and discuss how Web3 fashion is disrupting apparel brands.

The exciting and upcoming area in the Metaverse is digital fashion. In fact, digital fashion sales might exceed physical fashion sales within the next few years. Increasing hours spent online, the rise of eCommerce sales, and especially the growing gaming community and staggering amount of virtual goods spent are all consumer trends influencing the digital fashion industry. As virtual status becomes increasingly important to consumers and improvements in AR hardware are released, it is only a matter of time until physical fashion sales shift to digital fashion sales.

Jack Irving said: “With the rise of virtual reality, the Metaverse and NFTs, it’s only natural we will see more fashion designers also design for the digital world. I’m exploring NFTs myself and think it’s an amazing opportunity, moving beyond what’s physically possible, contactless across borders and customizable for anyone.”

Superverse discusses the transformational shifts occurring within the physical and digital worlds that are shaping the way creators create, consume, monetize and identify themselves. The summit will assemble 70 speakers and creators with a combined audience of over 350 million, including a celebrity music performance from world-renowned musician BIA.

Superverse has partnered up with Tribute Brand to provide a fully immersive and digitized experience in which attendees can try on digital apparel and learn about the new technologies that are shaping digital identity. In addition, Superverse has also partnered with DressX so that attendees can receive digital merchandise that grants access to the planned Superverse DAO. The DAO will give community members the opportunity to shape future events and summits. More about the additional speakers, partners, celebrities and the DAO will be released soon.

About Superverse

Superverse is the largest creator economy event bringing together influencers, creators and musicians with a combined audience of 350 million. Core topics covered include Web3, NFTs, the Metaverse and the creator economy. 


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