25/06/2024 12:39 PM


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Disney Villains Battle for the Crown in Gathering of the Wicked Board Game

Disney is home to some of the most iconic villains around, and now the big bads are putting their own spin on a tabletop favorite. Asmodee recently revealed a new game titled Gathering of the Wicked, a Disney Villains’ version of the popular title Werewolves of Millers Hollow. Gathering of the Wicked will have players choosing their favorite villain from a stacked roster, including Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Hades (Hercules), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), and more. While the game is based on the tried and true gameplay from Werewolves, it does bring with it some unique mechanics of its own, and you can try it for yourself when it hits stores this October.

Gathering of the Wicked spices up the hidden role gameplay with new roles and unique powers for each villain, and while each role is known by the other players, they will also have a secret alignment, which will make trying to figure out who the traitors are that much harder. You can check out the official description below.

(Photo: Asmodee)

“In Gathering of the Wicked, Disney Villains and their Henchmen find themselves in a dark realm. There, the ultimate battle to determine which Disney Villain will reign supreme begins! Two teams fight for control alternating between day and night phases. Each night, the Villains wake up one by one and use their unique abilities to chase their objectives. Each day, the gathering debates and tries to unmask the traitors amongst them. But since no one knows which team other players are on, trusting each other will be tricky, and bluffing will be their best route to dominance within their new surroundings.

The game reinvents the traditional hidden role genre by creating new roles and specific powers for each Disney Villain character. While each role is known by the other players, every character also has a “secret alignment” that determines their objective – making it even trickier to know who to trust!”

(Photo: Asmodee)

It’s actually the 20th anniversary of Werewolves of Millers Hollow this year, so it seems like a perfect time to introduce the game to a whole new audience and with a Disney flair. The game has sold over two million copies over the past three years, and now you have a brand new way to experience the game.

Gathering of the Wicket hits stores this October.

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