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Dragon Ball’s Bulma Deserves to Be a High Fashion Icon

Dragon Ball’s official site has shared fashion tips based on the outfits Bulma has worn in the series; these three tips will elevate fans’ wardrobes.

When it comes to fashion in comics, Dragon Ball may not be fans’ first inspiration source, but Bulma has some words to say about that—considering she’s a fashion icon. The official Dragon Ball site has shared fashion tips based on her outfits over the years. So, she’s a popular cosplay choice for a reason.

Bulma is one of the oldest supporting characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, having appeared in the first chapter in 1984. Since then, she has grown significantly from a young lady to a wife and mother. She has numerous talents that she exhibits in her work with Capsule Corps, but Bulma also has some great outfits and style (and no, this does not include her ever-popular bunny costume).


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On the official Dragon Ball websiteprofessional stylist Yui Funato was asked about Bulma’s style. Funato has worked for several publications, television, and advertising. She broke Bulma’s style down into three major characteristics, which fans can use as guidelines to create their own outfits inspired by Bulma’s fashion habits. The three tips from Bulma include showing skin tastefully, incorporating men’s fashion items, and contrast in tightness. The knowledge this supporting character has about her best attributes and how to showcase them is particularly interesting since super abilities, training, and intense fights tend to be Dragon Ball’s bread and butter.

Bulma’s outfits often leave her shoulders, arms, legs, or neckline bare. Funato refers to this as “showing skin tastefully.” This is illustrated in moments when Bulma wears overalls or shorts, with or without additional layers involved. She also has a tendency to wear large hoodies and has been seen sporting suit coats that aren’t always perceived as feminine. Bulma would likely be guilty of stealing her boyfriend’s clothes and incorporating them into her own unique style. She also seems like the kind of girl who would wear what she’s most comfortable with, regardless of others’ expectations. Lastly, Bulma mixes items that are loose and tight-fitting, accentuating certain aspects of her body while creating visual contrast. This is seen when she wears loose fitting pants and form-fitting tops, tucks in her shirts or pants, or uses belts to cinch baggier clothes in.

Dragon Ball may not be a series fans first think of when contemplating fashion unless they’re thinking of hitting up the gym with a Super Saiyan workout. However, there are lots of notes to be taken from its characters—especially from Bulma. Even if she isn’t the main character, she is a mainstay who has earned her place among her friends and family. She is very helpful and she makes working hard look good. Bulma’s fashion has adapted over the last several decades without losing sight of what makes her core look work so well. Dragon Ball’s Bulma IS a fashion icon and her wardrobe definitely deserves more recognition.

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Source: Dragon Ball Official Site

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