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Edwardsburg Giving Tree to celebrate second year – Leader Publications

EDWARDSBURG – The Edwardsburg Presbyterian Church will continue its mission to help local families in need by continuing its “Giving Tree.”

This month, the project will celebrate its second anniversary. The church has given out free clothing to families in need since Father’s Day 2019. To date, more than 500 pieces of clothing have been displayed on the Giving Tree in the alleyway behind the church.

Shawna Mondich introduced the idea of the tree to help those in the community. Her sister, Lisa Fisher, meets with her each week to put clothes in plastic dress bags to hang on the tree. Clothing is hung throughout the year, even during the winter months.

To operate the program, Mondich announces what is needed, and members of the church answer the call and help the best they can. In the past, she has asked for coats, gloves, mittens, hats and boots during the winter months, and members of the church responded by bringing in gently used items for the tree.

Last year on Memorial Day, Mondich loaded up tables during Memorial Day. In one day, more than 300 items were taken by community members.

“This helps families that work with a budget to provide themselves and their families with clothes,” said church member Tanda Stiffler. “The Giving Tree has been a great outreach program that our church is proud to offer.”

The Giving Tree is available for anyone to come anytime at their leisure to see what is offered to them freely from the church, 68961 Lake St., Edwardsburg.