20/04/2024 10:10 PM


Fashion The Revolution

Eric Nam is a K-Pop Star & Wig Expert

Eric Nam is ready to play dirty. His words, not mine. The K-pop star picked up pretty quickly that the Expensive Taste Test is not a fool’s game, and came ready to master.

First of I <3 how he hopped into his TV host bag and turner ETT into the Home Shopping Network during this ep. His blanket presentation solidified that he really could convince me to buy just about anything.

Other than blankets, he tried out instruments, Kermit the frog hats, and really knew his way around wig analysis.

With each new ETT episode, I always look forward to the water portion. Why? There are two types of people in the world. Some who can confidently distinguish cheap vs. expensive water, and others, like Eric, who have to just take a gamble. Gotta love both.

Watch the full thing to see just how expensive his taste really is, and also to hear his insane whistling skills. Eric’s also got an album, There and Back Again,” available on streaming platforms now!

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