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Exactly How to Shop at HomeGoods so You Never Miss the Good Stuff

Photo credit: Courtesy

Photo credit: Courtesy

Just when we thought HomeGoods couldn’t get any better, they went ahead and exceeded our expectations and launched an online store. Yes, that means we FINALLY can binge shop HG’s beloved home décor whenever the heck we want, wherever we are.

But let me keep it real with y’all: Nothing—and I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g—will beat the feeling of physically perusing the HG store and loading up your tan cart with an astronomical amount of throw pillows and random decorative accent pieces. Website or not, I’ll still be shopping HG IRL—and I know my fellow fans feel me on that one!

Because we all know that HomeGoods is packed with hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous and affordable homeware products, it sometimes feels impossible to see everything in one visit. It can be frustrating! We at Cosmo totally feel your pain as passionate HG lovers ourselves. So, with that being said, I went ahead and gathered some of the best tips from actual HomeGoods experts about how to find the most coveted products for the next time you pay HG a random emotional support visit.

Warning: You WILL be making multiple trips a week after reading. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Shop the day after they get their delivery.

First thing’s first: Find out when your local HomeGoods gets their shipments. (They get new inventory several times a week, FYI!) And once you have that on lock, I advise you get in circa 2019 Black Friday mode, head to the store as SOON as the store opens—aka between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.—and keep your eyes peeled at every corner of the premises. Shopping at this time is clutch. Not only will you have dibs on all the newness that was just unloaded 24 hours prior, but you’ll also be able to look around without competing alongside a bunch of other eager beavers.

Photo credit: HomeGoods

Photo credit: HomeGoods

If you’re down for a lil ~chaotic energy~ though, Beth Diana Smith, one of the interior designer and style expert s at HomeGoods, is all for shopping whilst the restocking process happens. “I like to be there while they are still restocking the shelves with new arrivals, so I’m the first to look and grab those eye-catching finds for my projects. I love the treasure hunt shopping experience, so I schedule it to maximize my own HomeGoods happy moments,” she exclusively told Cosmo.

Pro tip: Go out of your way to become buddy-buddy with the store manager of your HG! You’ll definitely be able to get all the VIP deets if you develop a tight relationship with them. You can network your way through a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, y’all.

Get inspo from the HomeGoods app.

Yes! Bless be! They have an app!! IYKYK (but if you didn’t, hi, welcome to the party), HG has an app that makes their shopping experience even more *chef’s kiss*. Here, you’ll be able to ~virtually~ link up with fellow fans within your city and see the finds they’ve lucked out on from their recent visits. All ya gotta do is filter your location by submitting your zip code and from there you’ll be able to get an insightful peek at the stock before even physically entering the building. Let’s give it up for technology, amiright??

Another perk: There’s a section where you can keep all your gift cards, credit cards, and reward certificates. Now you won’t have to go through the OMG, I’m holding up the checkout line rummaging through my Mary Poppins purse trying to find my wallet anxiety with this super useful feature.

If you love something, do NOT hesitate to buy it.

Ya know that feeling when you’re shopping and you come across something you’re honestly obsessed with—but then hold yourself back because you take into account things like affordability, necessity, storage space, etc.?? Yeeeah, you’re gonna have to push that mindset aside when you’re dealing with HomeGoods, my friend! As soon as you come across a product you instantly got heart-eyes for…it’s 100 percent a winner and must be thrown into your cart ASAP. I mean, FWIW, interior stylist and HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold swears by this strategy. ” When you see something you love, grab it because it may not be there if you decide to come back for it,” she revealed.

BTW: Don’t worry about dealing with a complicated return policy if you end up not liking what you bought. They’re pretty flexible and will do an exchange or a full refund if you come back with the original register receipt within 30 days of the purchase date. Any returns after that 30-day mark with a gift receipt or without a receipt will receive store credit, fair compromise, tbh.

Photo credit: HomeGoods

Photo credit: HomeGoods

Make sure to scope out the bottom shelves!

Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz said it best: Get low! Some of the best items aren’t showcased at average eye level, people. Don’t be afraid to squat down and see what the bottom shelves have to offer. You’ll be surprised to find the absolute gold that’s kept there—ahem, especially in the pillow section. You’re welcome in advance for this insider scoop.

Do *another* lap around the store.

Alrighty, you did it. You’ve done a full walkthrough of the place. Buuut, can you confidently say that you scanned every inch of the store? If you’re feeling like the answer is a “no” (which is more than likely), go ahead and give the place one more rundown. It doesn’t have to be as thorough as the first, but def prioritize the nooks and crannies of the department store.

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