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How to style long sleeve dresses in winter

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As soon as winter surfaces, most people get an urging tendency to bid farewell to dresses. They immediately start opting for long trousers or jeans that cover the legs, which are presumed to keep them warm which dresses cannot. Well, that is nothing but a fashion myth.

If you are a lover of long sleeve dresses or midis instead of trousers, don’t let the cold weather say otherwise. Here are some unique and flattering winter-proof ways of styling your dress. And how to look sleek while keeping your body warm and cozy.

1. Neutral maxi cardigan

The easiest and most effortless way of styling a long sleeve dress in winter while looking totally-put-together is by picking the warm neutral colored long or maxi cardigan.  Yes, winter is all about beige, warm and creamy colors. It gives you that calm and composed character along with the dress complementing your personality. With the addition of suede boots, a white or black baguette bag, and glossy lipstick, you are ready to rock a daytime plan as well as an exciting date night.

2. Tights and knee-high boots

The next most fashionable yet sophisticated way of styling a dress is by adding tights underneath and wearing knee-high boots. Especially gray or black colored tights with knee-high boots provide a unique character to your maxi dress while keeping you cozy and warm in the chilly weather. Most people avoid wearing knee-high boots with dresses thinking they would not complement each other. However, now we know that those words are just myths. Wearing knee-high boots with a long sleeve dress is a self-serving bonus in winter with the inclusion of boldness and enigma. You would definitely want something unique into you wardrobe, it is why you should add a few outfits from a long sleeve dress boutique.

3. Faux fur coat and ankle boots

Faux fur coats can never be an off beam. The faux fur coat is the most fun and fascinating trend ever created in the fashion industry. You can simply layer your forever unique and fancy long sleeve dress with a glam gilet, giving yourself a complete chic outlook while assuring absolute warmth and comfort. These dressing tips can be helpful. Not to mention, the ankle boots with a mini dress are another wonder that fashion trend setters have ever discovered. While mini dresses are an exciting outfit to wear to summer dates, pulling a faux fur over your dress and adding an ankle boot of neutral color will instantly make you cocktail-ready as well as the social light.

4. Woolly tights with thick and cozy scarves

Coming to a more casual but attractive choice, the best way to style your outfit is to add accessories that give you the right clue of fashion in a very amusing way. It is not always the long and heavy coats or sweaters that make you look stunning. Sometimes, it is about the simple but the right accessories that give an elegant look ready to sway the festive markets or the cozy coffee date. By accessories, we mean furry or fluffy scarves and woolly tights. Adding these winter accessories to your dress will not only make you perfectly dressed for the cold weather but will also make you feel pleasant.

5. Warm checkered shackets

If you are tired of carrying your long trench coats around your shoulder after every outing, then shackets are exactly what you need! Shackets are as light as a casual shirt but equally warm as your furry winter coats. Especially the checkered shackets are a trendy choice nowadays. It gives that chic appearance to any outfit with the minimum effort. Hence, you can already imagine that it will not only keep you warm but also let you wear your favorite long sleeve dress with a cool and casual touch.

Say no more goodbyes to your dresses and slay them the entire year with the most affordable and graceful styles. Make yourself comfortable and confident with these unique styling ideas.

Story by Ashish Kumar