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We live in a society and everyone belongs to some
community. Every one of us represents a community. We follow so many rituals.
Everyone knows the importance of marriage in his or her life. Marriage is the
beginning of a new life. It is the stage to settle down with your partner.
Marriage is a commitment between two souls to live together for a lifetime. It
is obvious that if you are going to do marriage, you are going to follow some
rituals. Every religion has different rituals, which everybody has to follow. However,
one ritual is almost same in all the religion – to exchange rings. 

You all must have seen in the movie that the boy
propose on his knees to a girl and give her a ring. Everything looks so pretty!
However, you know that from where that idea came to give her a ring.

The idea came from the Christian religion. In a Christian marriage, a groom and
a bride exchange ring to each other.

One question always comes in our mind that which
finger does wedding ring goes on. Moreover, what that means? Why we always wear a wedding ring on that finger? There are so many questions come in our

Let us find out all our questions today.

how to wear your wedding ring and your engagement ring
how to wear your wedding ring and your engagement ring

Wedding ring is worn on the left hand of the third
finger. Our ancient believes that the third finger of the left hand directly
connects to the heart. It means that the finger had a vein that directly connects
to the heart. It symbolizes “vein of love”. The wedding should be worn on the left hand. This tradition is common in the US, where couples exchange rings to
take vows. However, in some parts of the world like Germany, Russia and Norway
couple wear there on the right hand.

Yet, the story has no scientific reason because we
believe all the fingers had veins connected to the heart. Still, people follow
this tradition to wear the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand.
Some people wear their wedding throughout their lifetime.

Wedding rings are the sweet symbol of love
throughout history. The tradition of wedding rings a came in Egypt, about 4,800
years ago. Wedding rings symbolize eternity.  When you give women a ring,
it signifies an immortal love.

Nowadays the rings are very popular among the
younger generation. They present a ring to their partner to make their
relationships official. People present a ring to their partner according to
their budgets. You can find many rings on the market. 

It is not possible to be with your partner 24×7. You
can wear the ring, which is gifted by your partner. This will help you to feel
connected by your partner. Whenever you see the ring, you will think about your
partner. Most people are emotionally connected with their ring, if they lose
their ring they panic. It is not because the ring is costly but their feelings
are connected with the ring. The ring is a symbol of their love.

Always keep the ring with yourself. I know the ring
would be the most precious thing for you. Keep your ring always close to your
heart. The ring will keep your love, bond and connection alive.