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I Just Tried the New Curly-Hair Brand That’s Trending on Instagram

Ever wondered whether a new beauty launch or trending product is truly worth the hype? Good news—you’re in the right place. I Just Tried… is our regular beauty column where we test out everything from new formulations to cult classics to find out whether they’re really worth your money. Oh, and we’ll even answer the most-searched-for questions so you don’t have to.

When a new brand launches and then takes ages to launch in the UK, naturally the anticipation to get your hands on it builds more the usual—which is exactly what happened when I first heard about new curl brand on the block, Bread Beauty Supply. The only thing that stopped me from ordering it from overseas when I first saw it trending on Instagram? Those international shipping costs.

You see, everything about this brand launch spoke to me and my Afro-textured hair. Founded by Maeva Heim, the brand was born when Heim noticed a lack of options for her curls growing up in Perth, Australia. Moving on to work for marketing at L’Oreal, she continued to feel like there were no brands to fit her hair care needs and thus Bread Beauty Supply was born.

Before we even get to the actual products, we have to talk about the brand’s aesthetic. The packaging is so tactile and looks great on your shelf (which never hurts) plus the pouches make it easy to get every single drop out.

Personally, I’m someone that doesn’t ascribe to the idea that curly and coily hair should only be worn in the way it grows out of your scalp—for me the best part about having my hair texture is that it gives me so many styling options. But it’s important to recognise that naturally curly and coily hair is more delicate because of the shape of the bends in the hair, so if you’re styling more then you have to be extra diligent with the care. Enter: Bread.

Ahead, keep scrolling to find out what I thought when I tried Bread Beauty Supply for the first time and to read my honest review.

Keeks Reid before using Bread Beauty Supply.

So, at the moment the entire Bread Beauty Supply range is made up of a hair wash, hair mask and hair oil—which is nice and concise for a streamlined washday. I was wearing my hair straight prior to using the products, so it was an ideal trio for resetting my curls too.

I’ll be honest, I was already happy to learn that the hair wash isn’t a co-wash. Personally, I’m not a fan of cleaning my hair and scalp with anything other than a gentle foaming cleanser, mainly because I use a lot of styling products on my hair and need something more hard-working than a conditioner to lift product build-up from my strands. But how did it perform?

Keeks Reid after using Bread Beauty Supply.

First up, the hair wash had a lovely low foam that left my coils clean but not squeaky or dry. In fact, they felt pretty moisturised as I rinsed it out and were clumping together more than normal. Still, I wanted to test out the mask so I applied it to the lengths of my hair and lightly detangled (which was such a breeze) before gathering my hair up in a clip and continuing with my shower as the ingredients got to work.

Speaking of which, I have to mention just how nourishing these formulas are—without relying on any unnecessary filler ingredients. The wash contains hydrating aloe vera juice and argan oil, while the mask’s key ingredients are Kakadu plum and starflower oil for intense moisture and softness. The hair oil has a mix of argan, castor and sweet almond oils for supple, shiny curls and coils.

Once I rinsed my hair, I got on with the rest of my non-Bread routine: I stretch my curls and then re-wet them before doing a gel braid-out and allowing it to dry overnight.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for my hair to feel so good when I unravelled my braids the next day. Despite the gel (which I need to use for definition but can often leave my hair feeling crispy), my hair felt so soft and bouncy. I lightly coated my fingers in the hair oil as I separated the curls for a finishing touch and it was the perfect way to finish the look—my hair didn’t feel heavy just juicy. And when I Facetimed my mum that evening, she confirmed it. “Your hair looks so healthy,” she said. I know, mum.

Shop Bread Beauty Supply:

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash: Gentle Milky Hair Cleanse (£18)

A refreshing and replenishing hair wash that cleans strands without drying or tangling curls.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Mask: Creamy Deep Conditioner (£26)

A creamy deep conditioner for a hit of hydration in less than 10 minutes.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Oil: Everyday Gloss (£22)

A multipurpose hair oil that can be used on wet hair after washing or on dry hair in-between wash days for extra shine and softness.

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