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Natural Beauty Remedies for Black Skin

In the Dominican Republic, using garlic is one of old favorite natural beauty tricks.

In the Dominican Republic, using garlic is one of old favorite natural beauty tricks.


In the United States, many of our consumer goods are developed from the perspective of military utility and economic viability. This means that many products that end up on shelves are full of harsh chemicals, preservatives, and fillers. Escaping from this harmful supply chain and its ecologically and physiologically harsh byproducts can be freeing.

Mediterranean – Olive Oil

From its liberal application by ancient Greek athletes to its modern-day proselytization by Lebanese Basque fashion designer Norma Kamali, olive oil is a time tested treat for the skin the Mediterranean roots of which have spread branches into kitchens the world over. Many popular lotions on the market are petroleum based, an ingredient which creates a barrier on the skin but can lack true effectiveness in moisturizing. Olive oil, on the other hand, has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, aids in wound healing and sunburn recovery, and boosts collagen production, making it a great choice for budding skincare naturalistas looking to use what they may already have.

Chile – Grapes

As the fifth- largest exporter of wine in the world, the vineyards of Chile have proven that their grapes are something to savor, but they can also be something to slather. Red grapes have high levels of vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, and contain a compound called Solar Vitis that supports skin health making them a powerful combatant against redness and blemishes as well as a potent brightening agent. With just a few tablespoons of flour, this two-ingredient paste can be ready in seconds to add nourishment to the fruit-lover’s skincare routine.

Dominican Republic -Garlic

As dazzling nail trends continue to saturate social media timelines, the urge to maintain a manicure can be hard to resist. Keep your nails healthy and strong with the Dominican Republic’s favorite trick: Add bits of fresh garlic to a bottle of clear nail glaze and apply the solution at regular intervals for super-strong nails.

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