Prepping Your Small Business to be Crypto Ready

Shirley P. Olin

Looking to Fashion’s Future

The future of fashion is digital. And while the cryptocurrency and the world of NFTs is still in the early stages of building and growing, crypto is fast becoming the way of the future for transactions, particularly with the younger crowd. How can you start preparing your own brand for crypto-readiness?

The Rise of Digital Millionaires

Crypto is fastest growing amongst Gen Z and younger Millennials, meaning the next generation of wealth and spending power will be found more and more online. Gen Z in particular are primed to be the next chunk of crypto millionaires and will be looking to spend with brands that align with their values and are more digitally fluid.

Meeting Them Where They Live

In order to attract their spending, you need to be where they are, speak their language and start setting your own business up for digital payments and products. Look at:

  • Shopify: They are rolling out e-comm shop crypto integrations
  • Ethereum: Get an Ethereum domain name and attach your crypto wallet
  • Set up NFTs for your brand
  • Make the digital consumer experience an easy, enjoyable and connected one
  • Prepare your business to be successful in Web3

At Scaling Retail, we are leading the way for fashion and lifestyle brands to adapt in Web3 – from crypto to NFTs to Web3-centered strategies, we take traditional fashion retail brands into the future. Send us an email to [email protected] to start the conversation. 

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