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‘She needs to cool down’

A woman won’t let her younger sister get the same tattoo as her and now the siblings are fighting. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for feedback. The woman’s sister has always envied her tattoos and for the little sister’s 18th birthday, the Reddit poster got her a gift certificate for a tattoo. But when the little sister wanted an exact replica of her custom tattoo, the woman put her foot down. 

“My sister just turned 18 and is ecstatic about getting her first tattoo. She has been telling me for about two years how she wants tattoos like me and can’t wait to be of legal age to do so,” the woman explained. “For her birthday, I bought a gift certificate for my friend’s shop. I had been saving it up (about $500) for a new tattoo for me but I was so excited for her that I wanted to give it to her.” 

But then things took an unexpected turn. 

“Today my friend called me and said we needed to talk about my sister’s tattoo choice and he revealed that she planned to get the exact same tattoos as me. My right arm was done by him and is a custom piece that has all the constellations of my closest family members,” the Reddit poster wrote. “He said he didn’t have a problem with her getting the design but wanted my permission instead because it was my custom piece. I told him I didn’t want her to get the same piece and he reached out and told her she needed to pick a different design. She figured out I had something to do with it and had a meltdown.”

Reddit users questioned if the 18-year-old was ready for a tattoo at all. 

“If she’s so immature that she has a meltdown, she’s too immature to get a tattoo,” one user commented.

“You were more than generous, she needs to cool down,” another said

“She’s not mature enough for tattoos,” someone wrote

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