The Best Shampoo to Try in 2021, According to Your Hair Type

The best new shampoo options recreate the salon experience without their user having to step foot outside. “Salon stylists are known to cocktail shampoos to benefit that particular head of hair,” explains Dhairius Thomas, the hair artist whose work has helped define Savage x Fenty’s runway shows. “Now, you now can achieve that same result with just one product.”

Jenna Perry, who Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid turn to for custom color, is particularly familiar with bringing the salon experience home. “I often do house calls for my clients, and it’s always a funny moment when I have to ask them to lay on the kitchen counter in order to wash their hair!” When choosing a cleanser, she has a motto: “Treat your hair like you would your skin. When the seasons change, our hair has different wants and needs.” Los Angeles native Iggy Rosales, hairstylist to

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The Hair Hive Buffalo celebrates its year anniversary during the pandemic

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)-When Brianna Lannie, Danielle Jackson, and Lauren Jackson decided to open the Hair Hive beauty supply store last year, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. What they never imagined was that barely a month into opening, they’d be operating during a global pandemic.

“We couldn’t control it. It was out of our hands,” said Danielle.

What should’ve been a historic moment of celebration for the three sisters, being the first Black women in Buffalo to own a beauty supply store, quickly turned into a crash course in pandemic rules. Not missing a beat, the women pivoted to curbside service and powered through.”

“We got gloves, hand sanitizer, razors, and different personal care items and that’s how we were able to get up and running.”

While many businesses had to close their doors

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Woman Uses Gorilla Glue to Slick Down Hair, and I Am Now in Shambles

No, dear reader, this headline is not fake news.

This story won’t be full of alternative facts (unlike someone we know who shall remain nameless). But what this story will be full of is utter disbelief, shock and awe.

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You see, on Thursday a video from TikTok user Im_D_Ollady (real name: Tessica Brown) was posted to Twitter, explaining the particularly confusing conundrum she had been experiencing for the last month. According to Newsweek, in an effort to whip her hair into an always stylish and slicked-back low braided ponytail, Brown apparently ran out of one of her staple products: Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. For all my beauty supply and hair-obsessed folks, you know that that particular product is the creme de la creme when it comes to securing flyaways and unruly edges. It’s arguably second to none.

In fact, the only comparable product that boasts a similar

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Fashion Girls Keep Wearing This Super-’90s Hair Accessory, and I Have Questions

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Evan Rachel Wood Names Marilyn Manson As Her Abuser

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has alleged that her ex-fiancée Marilyn Manson abused her while they were in a relationship. Wood has publicly talked about being a survivor of domestic violence since 2016, and even testified before Congress in 2018 about her experience in order to advocate for a bill that would increase legal protections for abuse survivors in all 50 states. But this is the first time that she’s claimed that the person responsible was Manson. On her Instagram on February 1, Wood posted a statement that read: “The name of my abuser is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson. He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission. I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I

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Black Voices: Short hair, don’t care.

Since March, many Black women decided to cut their natural hair short. 

The increase of Black women cutting their hair over the pandemic is not only because of the limited access to hair salons and beauty supply stores, but also to the change in beauty standards, according to ZORA, a Medium publication for Black women. 

High numbers of Black women are rocking their short, natural hair, whether it is because they want to be more confident in themselves or because they simply did not know what they wanted to do with their hair.

While junior Kori Smith was growing up, many of her family members praised her for the way her hair looked, she said. In late December, Smith made the impulsive decision to cut her hair short, but not long after cutting it, she started crying.

“I was so attached to my hair,” she said. “I have always

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5 Hair Accessories Fashion Girls Can’t Get Enough Of This Summer

When it comes to doing my own hair, I have zero patience to do anything elaborate. Even the thought of the sheer time it takes to curl my hair (for context, my hair is rather thin, but there’s a lot of it) is enough to make me tie it up, out of the way. This laziness on my part is largely the reason why I’ve since become obsessed with hair accessories

With the power to make your hair look pretty with minimal effort, hair accessories have become my go-to when my outfit feels a little plain, or I need a quick switch-up. So you can imagine my delight when, a couple of years back, hair accessories became a priority on the style agenda—a place they’ve remained ever since. 

However, looking at my collection of hair accessories, it dawned on me that most of them were created with party season

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