20/07/2024 2:55 PM


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Team Rubicon managing donations for Afghans resettling in Milwaukee

Kevin Ryan, Team Rubicon's communications lead for Wisconsin, poses for a portrait in front of stacks of donated toys and children's items on Jan. 20, 2022. The disaster relief organization is managing donations for Afghan evacuees who are resettling in the Milwaukee area.

Boxes full of donated items, from baby clothes to winter boots to bedsheets, are stacked high inside a former Milwaukee County bus garage, awaiting new homes.

Since December, volunteers with the national disaster relief organization Team Rubicon have been sorting through what they estimate to be 250,000 items in a massive logistical operation to direct donations to Afghan families resettling in the Milwaukee area.

“Filling up a warehouse is definitely a significant effort,” said Chase Adams, incident commander for the site. “Then getting the specific items you’re looking for is even a more complicated issue.”

It’s a task that’s grown more timely as the pace of resettlement picks up. Thousands of people who were evacuated from Afghanistan are being moved from their temporary housing on military bases and into homes across the country.