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The 20 Best Overnight Face Masks to Enhance Your Beauty Sleep

You may not be Beyoncé, but you can say you “woke up like this.” And by this, we mean with dewy and hydrated skin. Now, you don’t need a 12-step skincare routine or a snazzy facial to achieve this glow. All you’ll need is an overnight face mask to do all the heavy lifting while you snooze.

What’s an overnight face mask?

Whether you fall into the dry, combo or oily skin category, an overnight face mask can address your skin concerns while you’re getting your much-needed beauty sleep (no rinsing involved).

“​​Overnight masks are designed to be used as the final step of your nighttime skin regimen, sealing in any facial serums, creams and oils,” says Dr. Hadley King, a board-certified dermatologist in New York. “Masks tend to contain more intense hydrators in combination with anti-aging ingredients and enhance the penetration of other active ingredients.” So while a good moisturizer or night cream is necessary for day to day skincare, an overnight face mask might be just the thing you need for a hydrating boost.

How to Choose the Right Overnight Face Mask

When looking for the right overnight face mask, ask yourself what skincare concern you want to address most. Are you looking to seal moisture in? Try the Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask. Want brighter skin? Consider the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask. Or, do you want a bit of everything? Check out our favorite, the Glow Recipe Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask, which exfoliates, clarifies and plumps the skin. (Plus, the raving reviews are a major bonus.)

Also consider the ingredients. Dr. King explains that your skin type and skin concerns play a big role in finding what ingredients work best for you. For dry skin that can mean ceramides and argan oil to increase moisture and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. For oily or acne-prone skin, finding a lightweight (but hydrating) pick that has hyaluronic acid or squalene can keep skin smooth without clogging pores. There are also other popular ingredients that work for all skin types like rice extract, snail mucin, niacinamide and centella asiatica.

How often should you use an overnight face mask?

Dr. King suggests using a mask once or twice a week for best results. After washing your face, apply a thin layer over your skin as the final step of your routine before you hit the hay. Let the overnight mask work its magic while you sleep and simply rinse it off in the morning.

Ready to shop? We found 20 of the best overnight face masks for every skin type and concern.

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The Best Overnight Face Masks

Best Overall

  • Pros: Exfoliates and brightens skin, vegan formula, great for all skin types

  • Cons: Expensive, sticky consistency, not great for super dry skin

What do you get when you mix watermelon, hyaluronic acid and AHAs? A hydrating mask that exfoliates and refines the look of pores, while brightening and smoothing your skin overnight. With over 1,000+ 5-star reviews, we completely understand why it’s a cult-favorite for all skin types and has been for years.

Buy It ($45)

Best for Dry Skin

  • Pros: Vegan formula, leaves skin smooth and soft, great for dryness

  • Cons: Small bottle, strong scent

If you’re dealing with very dry skin, look no further than this overnight hydrating mask. It’s packed with healthy fats, nutrients and H2O for soft, supple skin. The avocado butter, hyaluronic acid and Swiss Glacier water combo keeps your skin plump and nourished all day (and night).

Buy It ($28)

Best for Combination Skin

  • Pros: Lightweight, absorbs well, has a subtle scent

  • Cons: Not great for super dry skin, thick texture

This sleeping mask uses snail slime extract (yup, you read that right) to soften the appearance of acne scars, pores and fine lines, while preventing future breakouts, which is a must for combo skin. The key ingredient works alongside baobab tree extract and deep-sea water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Plus, it has a subtle cucumber scent that won’t overwhelm even those with sensitive noses.

Buy It ($18; $15)

Best for Dull Skin

  • Pros: Firms and brightens skin, vegan formula, improves dull and uneven skin tone

  • Cons: Heavy consistency, expensive, might not be good for sensitive skin

We can never get enough vitamin C and this dream mask has plenty of it. Add some maqui, hylauronic acid and squalene to the mix and you’ll be saying goodbye to dull skin in no time. The formula brightens and hydrates, so you wake up with glowy skin. It also includes a superberry blend that lends a pleasant fruity scent.

Buy It ($48)

Best for Oily Skin

  • Pros: Balances the skin, prevents breakouts and clogged pores, cooling finish

  • Cons: Sticky consistency, slight transfer

When azelaic acid, green tea extract and aloe leaf juice is involved, expect a super deep cleanse overnight. This clarifying combo improves your overall complexion by tightening pores and absorbing excess oils. The gel mask is a great exfoliator that removes any dead skin cells and leaves you with a smoother surface to start your day on a brighter note (literally).

Buy It ($16)

Best for Sensitive Skin

Thanks to the pure propolis and honey extracts, this overnight mask combats dryness, reduces the appearance of blemishes and redness and boosts hydration. The gel texture makes it easy to spread onto your skin and is a great pick for sensitive skin, as it contains only gentle ingredients (like honey, beeswax and hyaluronic acid) that doesn’t cause irritation or breakouts.

Buy It ($18)

Best for Mature Skin

  • Pros: Cooling finish, refreshes skin, stimulates healthy skin cell regeneration

  • Cons: Strong scent, pricey

Can’t make it to the spa often? That’s where this ‘facial-in-a-jar” comes in. Formulated with a botanical blend (ylang-ylang, sweet orange and jasmine) and peptide4, it prevents moisture loss and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cooling gel feels nice going on and leaves you looking more radiant and refreshed in the morning.

Buy It ($65)

Best for Irritated Skin

Is irritation one of your main concerns? Slather on this antioxidant-rich mask before bed and wake up to calmer skin by morning. The gel formula features ceramides, fatty acids and hydrating extracts (like honey, tamarino extract and boswellia) to soothe and repair compromised skin.

Buy It ($52)

Best for Dewy Skin

  • Pros: Best for dry and dull skin, dewy finish, lightweight

  • Cons: Not great for oily skin

Let this gel mask help you recharge with its mixture of squalene, primrose extracts and calming scents (like orange flower, rose and sandalwood). Swipe it on once a week in place of your nighttime moisturizer to boost hydration and improve your natural glow.

Buy It ($29)

Best for Acne-Prone Skin

  • Pros: Great for all skin types, soothing, improves skin texture

  • Cons: Not great for super sensitive skin

If you need a refresh, check out this intensive mask that’s packed with a host of herbs, minerals, humectants and probiotics to soothe and moisturize your skin. The key ingredient—centella asiastica—is a flowering plant that’s known for its ability to calm irritation, while reducing redness and breakouts.

Buy It ($40)

Most Lightweight

  • Pros: Great for dry skin, absorbs well, boosts hydration

  • Cons: Super thick texture, not great for super oily skin

This sleeping mask helps dry skin look and feel softer, while being refreshingly cooling. Its lightweight formula features hyaluronic acid and herbs like Lady’s Mantle and Scottish Heather to hydrate and soothe your skin. We especially love the jelly-like texture that makes it easy to apply without feeling overly greasy or sticky.

Buy It ($34)

Best for Firming

  • Pros: Firms skin, glowy finish, boosts hydration

  • Cons: Pricey, thick texture

Want a more lifted visage? This firming mask is infused with black tea extract, peptides and hyaluronic acid to improve the elasticity of your skin, while also maintaining its moisture. The brand recommends applying a generous amount to the face and neck (about a quarter-size) for best results.

Buy It ($94)

Most Hydrating

  • Pros: Oil-free formula, intense moisture, great for all skin types

  • Cons: Not great for super sensitive skin

Your skin naturally goes into repair mode while you sleep, and this super creamy mask can help. The oil-free formula features shea butter, glycerin and mango seed butter, among other hydrating ingredients to replenish moisture and restore your glow overnight.

Buy It ($37)

Best Clean Formula

  • Pros: Fragrance-free, great for dry skin, clean formula

  • Cons: Thick and waxy consistency, heavy for some skin types

When “rehydrating” is in the name, you expect this mask to really bring hydration back to dry skin—and it does. The squalane and glacial glycoprotein blend locks in moisture overnight. The balm-to-oil texture melts into your skin without leaving a greasy residue behind on your pillow. (It’s also a great pick if you’re trying to get into the slugging game.) Plus, the formula is fragrance-free, so it’s a win-win for all skin types.

Buy It ($40)

Best for Redness

  • Pros: Reduces redness, fragrance-free and improves fine lines and wrinkles

  • Cons: Pricey, not great for super dry or sensitive skin

Goodbye, redness! A mix of honey and green tea is a match made in mask heaven. The creamy-gel mask works overnight to calm and soothe the skin, while reducing irritation and dryness.

Buy It ($50)

Best for Fine Lines

  • Pros: Lightweight formula, improve dryness and dullness, refines skin texture

  • Cons: Slightly sticky consistency, not great for sensitive skin

This lightweight mask targets a few skin concerns like dullness, enlarged pores, texture and aging. The core ingredient—Yuzu fruit—contains three times more vitamin C than other citruses to enhance your natural glow. The mask is also infused with niacinamide and a low dose of retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven tone.

Buy It ($29)

The Fan Favorite

  • Pros: Clean ingredients and packaging, improves skin texture and tone

  • Cons: Not great if sensitive to retinol

This skincare brand is everyone’s favorite to show off on TikTok and we can add this resurfacing sleep mask to the list of MVPs. The retinol-based treatment improves skin tone and texture over time, while reducing any signs of fatigue and aging. Bakuchiol, wild indigo extract, beta-glucan (derived from oats) and squalane work together to calm, hydrate and protect the skin against future damage.

Buy It ($22)

Best Drugstore

  • Pros: Vegan formula, great for dry and acne-prone skin,

  • Cons: Slight pillow transfer, thick consistency

Cannabis-infused beauty products have been trending lately, so it’s no surprise that it’s the key ingredient in this drugstore pick. The CBD mask also includes argan oil and avocado oil to further calm and treat stressed out, dry skin. Plus, essential oils (like lavender and rosemary) give it a soothing scent that’s especially welcome before bedtime.

Buy It ($17)

Best Splurge

  • Pros: Sweet scent, rich texture, smooth and silky finish

  • Cons: Pricey, small packaging

Yes, the price tag is worth it if it means getting more radiant, softer and smoother skin. Bedtime means your skin is in repair mode and this sleeping mask will make sure to keep things on the right track. The thyme honey and shea butter combo replenishes your skin even if you’re tossing and turning. Plus, the saffron flowers provide a calming scent.

Buy It ($152)

The Dermatologist-Approved Pick

This oil-based mask gets a stamp of approval from Dr. King. The treatment contains pear seed avocado and sweet almond oils, and aloe vera to brighten skin overnight. But it’s the bakuchiol that Dr. King can’t stop raving about: “Bakuchiol activates the genes that regulate collagen and elastin production—the same ones retinol activates,” she explains. “It doesn’t seem to irritate and redden skin the way retinol often does, so it appears to be a gentler option for those who can’t tolerate retinol.”

Buy It ($98)

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