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The Best Holiday Gifts You Can Fit in Your Carry-On for Easy Travel

The Best Holiday Gifts You Can Fit in Your Carry-On for Easy Travel

Sometimes, it’s a last-minute-gift kind of holiday season. 

Sometimes, you’re limited to very small real estate when it comes to transporting those gifts. 

Other times? It’s both. A combo platter of gifting parameters, if you will. 

While you still have time to get those orders in and delivered with weeks until Christmas, you still may have to pack it—along with everything else you’ll need during your Christmas break—in your carry-on. What does that mean? For starters, you’ll be wearing your puffy jacket on the plane. Any beauty product in liquid form needs to be in three-ounce or smaller containers. Nothing can be too bulky in general, nor too heavy. And the good gifts come in small packages adage is especially true in this case. 
Here, our quintessential list of small gifts that have a big impact that will please anyone on your list. 

Let’s go. 

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$25 & Under

Clean & Pure Lip Balm Kit

Image: Amazon

Why We Love It: This quartet of chapped-lip saviors comes in a variety of flavors from coconut to manuka honey. It is sure to please. The oval shape of the lip balm makes for easier application while the formula is so spectacular, your recipient will want to stash one in every room and coat pocket. Good thing there are enough to do that. 

The Cost: $14.99 at amazon.com

Patchology Best in Snow Set 

Image: Patchology

Why We Love It: An indulgence she probably wouldn’t get for herself, these hand and foot masks are the perfect antidote to the busy, bustling holiday season. After a month of get-togethers and parties, there’s no better feeling than chilling out on the sofa while treating your hands and feet to a pampering moisture extravaganza. Packed with shea butter and coconut oil, these masks work in just 10 minutes. We know!  

The Cost: $18 at patchology.com

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Gua Sha 

Image: Herbivore Botanicals

Why We Love It: A great gift under $25 is hard to find, but this gua sha tool is the perfect stocking stuffer that takes up precious little space in your suitcase. Designed to help with lymphatic drainage, the beautiful tool is crafted from natural rose quartz gemstones, which are crystals believed to help increase self-love.

The Cost: $24 at herbivoreBotanicals.com

$50 & Under

Coco & Eve Bronzing Face Drops 

Image: Coco and Eve

Why We Love It: Can’t we all use a natural, glowy tan moment? This hydrating face tanner works by adding a few drops into your regularly scheduled moisturizer for that “I winter in the Caribbean” tropical effect. The hyaluronic acid-spiked formula helps increase skin elasticity, suppleness, and improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Cost: $27.90 at cocoandEve.com 

Brabantia Sink Organizer

Image: Williams Sonoma

Why We Love It: This is the ideal unisex gift for anyone on your list. In fact, it’s the new candle in terms of how well received it will be because everyone can use this—no matter if they live in a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling mansion. This little sink set corrals everything from sponges to brushes while providing easy access to dish or hand soap sinkside.
The Cost:
$33.50 at williamssonoma.com

Jafra Essence Inner Love Bath Salts

Image: Jafra

Why We Love It: Non liquid, subtly scented and the perfect post-holiday self-care essential. What else could you ask of a carry-on–friendly gift? These bath salts are well priced and feature magnesium-rich epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt and Vitamin E for softness. 

The Cost: $39 at jafra.com

RPZL Polisher Brush

Image: RPZL

Why We Love It: Designed for those with extensions but equally effective and delightful for everyone with hair, this brush massages as it detangles and styles. In fact, it’s a far more wallet-friendly stand-in for that other brush we know and love that rhymes with Jason Learson. Ideal for men and women, thanks to its gender-neutral black colorway.

The Cost: $50 at RPZL.com

$100 & Under

Hotel Lobby Candle in Cabin

Image: Hotel Lobby Candle

Why We Love It: Whether your recipient has a wood-burning fireplace or simply wishes he or she did, this gorgeous, smoky candle is a good stunt double. Ideal for the coziest time of year, this candle gives good throw (the magnitude of scent when lit) but also good cold throw (the scent when not lit). Plus, the packaging will make people think you’ve entered a new tax bracket this year. 

The Cost: $56 at hotellobbycandle.com

Alchimie Forever Gift of Minis

Image: Alchimie Forever

Why We Love It: This cute bundle contains travel sizes of our favorite products from the range, including the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask, Dry Skin Balm, Firming Gel for Neck and Bust, Purifying Gel Cleanser. Housed in an adorable case, they also threw in fun lapel pins for good measure. 

The Cost: $65 at alchimie-forever.com 

Repechage Hydra Blue Skin Kit

Image: Repechage

Why We Love It: A five-step skincare regimen for all skin types, this one’s sure to please everyone on your list, from your picky mother-in-law to your beauty-obsessed sister. It contains a cleanser, mist, vitamin C serum and more. 

The Cost: $70 at repechage.com

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask

Image: Saatva

Why We Love It: This super portable gift boasts everything you love about your weighted blanket, but allows you to take that feeling of comfort on the go. Gift this to your sister-in-law who just had a baby and needs to catch a little extra shut-eye or your husband who travels for work on a biweekly basis. Both need one desperately. 

The Cost: $75 at saatva.com

Revela Brow Serum

Image: Revela

Why We Love It: What if you’re extremely limited, space-wise? Then this is the perfect present. This brow serum helps enhance brows so that they’re thicker and fuller in six to eight weeks. Its active ingredient is ProCelinyl, the same ingredient Revela uses in its best-selling Hair Revival Serum. It’s even guaranteed to achieve thicker, fuller brows in 90 days or less. 

The Cost: $88 at getrevela.com


T3 Source Shower Head

Image: Nordstrom

Why We Love It: Good skin and hair starts in the shower—and depending on your geographic location, your water can actually be the source of dull hair and skin. It can even lead to irritated skin and who wants that? This easy-to-install shower head comes with a filter that needs to be replaced twice annually to filter your water and remove any dirt, iron oxide, sediment, chlorine and odors. 

The Cost: $127.50 at nordstrom.com

Droplette New Year, New You Set

Image: Droplette

Why We Love It: Gift the beauty gadget everyone is talking about on TikTok and beyond—without taking up too much space in your luggage. This winter berry-hued Droplette device and two boxes of Growth Factors plus two cleaning capsules is sure to be loved. The device is contactless, needle-free technology that’s designed to get skincare ingredients 20 times deeper into the skin than topical application. 

The Cost: $560 at droplette.io

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