22/07/2024 6:07 PM


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The Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

If your friend or relative has shifted to a new home it’s about time you start preparing for a gift. They will love if you present some heartwarming gifts that will help them settle down easily. You can choose to have meaningful home picks so they can cherish it for life. Moving into a new house can be challenging but the hosts like to throw a housewarming party. If you are going to the party you can choose a good gift. However, even if you cannot join the new homeowners for the party sending a gift to their doorstep will not be a bad idea. With the help of Joi discount code you can get a big discount on the prices of gifts. 

Happy Forest 20R

You can surprise the new homeowners by choosing a happy forest for them. There is no doubt that a special cup of tea everyday can make things look easy. This Tchaba tea is a perfect gift as your friends can enjoy a delicious cup of tea in the evening or morning. It is high in quality and made with some of the best ingredients. They will think about you with every little sip. There is nothing that a refreshing cup of tea cannot do!

Artificial Double Stem White Orchid Arrangement

Do you want to send something long lasting to new homeowners? Why not surprise them with white orchid arrangement. It is an artificial set of flowers that will enhance the appeal of their dining room. Nowadays many people like to keep artificial flowers at home as they don’t need any maintenance. The white double stem in a pot will look versatile and enchanting. Make sure you use the Joi discount code to get a big discount on this product. 

6 Flower Cupcakes

Magnolia bakery offers some of the best flower cupcakes to their buyers. You can send these cupcakes to your loved ones if they have recently shifted to a new home. The classic, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes are delicious. These cupcakes look visually appealing as they are topped on floral designs. This bakery box gift will be a treat for your special ones and they will not forget your gratitude.

Cookies Galore by Forrey & Galland

Do you like chocolate chip cookies? Why not send them as a gift to your loved ones too. If your friends or relatives have shifted to a new home treat them with something fun and delicious. The chocolate chip cookies are 104 grams. It is the perfect gift box that will satisfy the taste buds of your friends. This sweet treat is packed in an attractive box and will give a good unboxing experience.

Burnt Fig & Pear 60g Candle

You can purchase burnt fig and pear candle that offer warmth and spark like never before. Homeowners like will love this exquisite scent that will fill up their new home with something innovative. The versatile fragrance of citrus and apricot are soothing. You can visit coupon.ae and win the Joi discount code to get a big discount on the price of gifts.