22/05/2024 3:04 AM


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The Best Met Gala Throwback Photos on Instagram

Consider the coming week a salve for your Sunday scaries, because come Monday, a significant cross-section of the fashion, art, and style worlds will be celebrating the 2021 Met gala (a.k.a. the “Super Bowl of fashion,” in the words of André Leon Talley).

This year’s gala and Costume Institute exhibition, themed around all things American fashion, seems destined to bring out the most over-the-top, awe-inspiring red carpet looks—but that’s par for course on fashion’s biggest night out. On Instagram, celebrities have often gotten the countdown started by digging up and sharing their favorite memories from Met Galas past.

And what memories they are! From Bella Hadid strutting her way through the empty halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Riccardo Tisci’s legends-only table conversation featuring Beyoncé, Madonna, and Donatella Versace (oh, to overhear that trio), celebrities and designers have revisited their archives in the name of their (and our) mounting anticipation. We have just a few days left before we get to witness what this year’s Met will bring, but one thing is already certain: The night—and the night’s ’grams—will go down in pop-culture history (and celebrity #tbt posts) forever.

Scroll on for the most fashionable trip down memory lane you’ll ever take:

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