21/05/2024 10:45 PM


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The First Steps Towards Female Entrepreneurship 

Drive economic growth through female entrepreneurship. The first steps?  Pro-active policy and a coordinated ecosystem. – Amy Guttman

We have come a long way in the business world – especially when we look back to see the role of women who are leading many popular businesses around the world. They started with their own companies and contributed to society in ways we could have never imagined. 

Plus, it has become a certifiable trend. According to the executive director, Susan Duffy, of the Center of Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College “Women are becoming more aware of the opportunities for entrepreneurship in their lives. It’s becoming more of an option for a career move than it has ever been in the past.” 

However, there are still very few women-owned firms as compared to their male counterparts. This is mainly due to the fact that there are still many women who are struggling to start their own business venture and need some guidance to get them started. Fortunately, beauty entrepreneur Ginger King is the perfect individual to approach for this matter. 

Ginger King is a revered Taiwanese-American beauty entrepreneur, cosmetic chemist, and business speaker, who founded the Grace Kingdom Beauty and the FanLoveBeauty. 

Since the beginning, King’s main focus has been around creating beauty products from concept to finish. After holding a number of patents in cosmetic formulations, she has developed thousands of products such as skincare, haircare, sun care and so much more. 

She has also been a keynote speaker for brand launches and has even spoken at several trade conferences on product innovation and development, which include HBA, Rutgers University. She has also been on radio and video chat with leading beauty platforms and podcasts and has remained a beauty expert for Beauty Press, to this day. 

What made things slightly easier for King was the fact that she knew how to work in a professional environment before starting her own business – giving her an understanding on what she needed to do to kickstart her company. And since many women do not have the same experiences as her, she has decided to share a few tips to help women on how to take the first few steps to start their own career. 

Investigate the Market 

You need to start a business that fills a gap in the market. If you are not providing products or services that your customers need, your business will fall apart no matter how hard you work on it. To get a solid grip on the potential of your market, it is always best to investigate the market beforehand so that you have a better idea on how you can meet the demands of the masses. 

Master Your Business Plan 

If you are looking for capital, then the best way to get an investor to contribute financially to your business is to create an authentic and catchy business plan that will sell your vision. Make your sales pitch short and sweet but make sure you get your point across on how you plan to get the revenue for your business. 

Build Relationship Networks 

Do not hesitate to meet working women or other women who you feel can help you gain an edge in the business industry. Having the right company can help you stay motivated, encouraged, inspired while simultaneously gaining insight on how they work and handle business. Plus, your connections can become very valuable assets in the future when you will need to collaborate your business with others or ask for a helping hand to help strengthen your business.