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The Mulberry Alexa Handbag : 5 things you need to know!

The Mulberry Alexa Handbag : 5 things you need to know!

mulberry Alexa handbag review

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The Mulberry Alexa Handbag : 5 things you need to know.

I have been the proud owner of my Mulberry Alexa now for over 12 years (is it time to buy another?!) and I have raved about it for years. I think it’s a brilliant design of Mulberry handbag and actually one of my favourite styles they have ever made. So let’s chat all things Mulberry Alexa!


The Mulberry Alexa bag was named and created for Alexa Chung. Model, Fashion muse, TV personality and a street style icon. It was launched in 2010 and was THE *IT* bag for a good few years. It launched with a long waiting list and was seen on the arms of Alexa Chung (obvs), Olivia Palermo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and myself to name a few.

Mulberry wanted to create a bag that combined British heritage with Chung’s timeless cool-girl style. The result was the now-iconic Alexa bag: a slouchy satchel perfect for everyday use. The Alexa bag was discontinued in 2016 and then re-launched in 2021 , Mulberry’s 50th Anniversary year with lots of new colourways, sizes and materials.

mulberry Alexa handbag review


Currently they do x 4 sizes of the Mulberry Alexa handbag.  They do a few variants on the leather and material too, particularly on the seasonal limited edition bags this changes. For the most part they are now heavy grain bovine leather. This will become softer over time as it wears in, often making it more beautiful!

The style of the Mulberry Alexa handbag is a slouchy, effortlessly chic satchel. Key features of the design is a braided top handle, double strap closure and an adjustable leather strap to wear on the shoulder or across the body.

Micro Alexa (from £495)

This is the newest size to launch! Details include : Internal pocket, Postman’s Lock closure, Buckle with magnetic lock, Braided top handle, Adjustable and removable leather strap detail, PU Lining, Wear as crossbody, top-handle or shoulder bag

Measurements : Height8cm, Width11cm, Depth5cm, Handle drop, 3cm, Strap drop Min 52cm – Max 60cm

Mini Alexa (from £995)

Details include : Postman’s Lock closure, handcrafted braided top handle, adjustable leather shoulder strap for crossbody wear, one main compartment, internal slip pocket, various linings

Measurements : Height 17cm, Width 22cm, Depth 10cm, Shoulder Strap Length 104cm, Handle Drop 5cm

Alexa (from £1250)

Details include : Postman’s Lock closure, Handcrafted braided top handle, Adjustable leather shoulder strap for crossbody wear, One main compartment, Internal slip pocket

Measurements : Height 23cm, Width 33cm, Depth 17cm, Shoulder Strap Length 97-113cm, Handle Drop 5cm

Oversized Alexa (from £1450)

Details include : Postman’s Lock closure, Handcrafted braided top handle, Adjustable leather shoulder strap for crossbody wear, One main compartment, Internal slip pocket

Measurements : Height 32cm, Width 37cm, Depth 17cm, Shoulder Strap Length 97-113cm, Handle Drop 5.5cm

1.) It’s a great all-style Mulberry handbag.

I find it is very good at accommodating both casual day looks and evening glam. It’s super versatile. I feel like it’s a bag I can wear down the supermarket to look for Lurpak on offer as it is to go out for cocktails with the girls!

2.) They last REALLY well. 

As with all Mulberry handbags IMO, the Mulberry Alexa lasts very well and are of great quality. I have had mine over 12 years and it’s in great condition. The leather is always amazing quality (and Mulberry are very hot on using responsible leather), the stitching it solid, the finishes are always brilliant and I honestly have mulberry nags from the 80’s that haven’t needed to go to repair!

3.) Timeless style. 

Will the Mulberry Alexa ever go out of fashion? I mean, I won’t stop wearing mine if it does, but I really think it is a timeless and chic design. You can’t go wrong. Perhaps this is why they re-launched the bag after discontinuing it!

4.) They retain a good value if you want to sell on.

If you are one who likes to buy and sell handbags then they are still such a popular style that they have a decent price if you are selling your Mulberry Alexa second hand. I’ve spoke about this a bit but Mulberry Preloved is a great place to sell on your Mulberry handbags or purchase second-hand Mulberry handbags.

You can read my post all about buying/ selling Mulberry handbags HERE.

5.) They do multiple sizes and styles!

They currently do 4 main sizes of the Mulberry Alexa and the prices range from £495 to £1495. Mulberry are constantly bringing out out new styles and colours and seasonal gems so do keep checking the Mulberry website for Mulberry Alexa updates and new-ness!

mulberry Alexa handbag review


I have the Mulberry Alexa Oversized handbag. I purchased this around Christmas 2012 and I paid around £900 for it (!). I purchased it in Jersey so it’s VAT free , plus this was when it first launched! The prices have gone up wild amounts since then. 

I chose the oxblood shade as most of my other mulberry handbags are either oak brown or black and I wanted to go for something a little different for my Mulberry Alexa. The Mulberry oxblood shade is still very wearable and I really love this colour as it’s different to any other handbag I own and it works with my clothing colour palette. It’s leaning towards a more autumn-winter bag for me. They currently don’t do this shade in the Alexa bags I have seen but it is quite a common colour across Mulberry handbags in general.

I’ve had this bag now for 12 years! It’s been worn very well worn over the years and as with all Mulberry handbags, it is incredible quality so has lasted well and retained it’s shape well. The lock closure has some scratches, and some of the stitching has come away on the top handle and that’s about it. not bad for 12 years! PS I’m also TERRIBLE at keeping my designer bags in their dustbags and when I wear it, it’s being WORN and enjoyed ya know!


I have zero regrets about purchasing this bag, and honestly it’s one of my absolute favourite designer handbags as it’s quite a nice casual one and that’s kind of me all-over. It’s one I get so much use out of and I will 100% be buying another Mulberry Alexa handbag…..probably the one size smaller. The colours they have in at the moment are dreamy.

mulberry Alexa handbag review

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