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The Spanish Zara Launches Its First Collection In The Metaverse By DailyCoin

The Spanish Zara Launches Its First Collection In The Metaverse
  • The chain of stores thus ventures into the metaverse by launching its collection of clothing for humans and avatars.
  • The models are available through the metaverse of South Korean tech company ZEPETO.

Zara, the Spanish global fashion giant, launched its first collection of designs for humans and avatars, it announced Tuesday. The physical and virtual models can be purchased at the chain’s stores anywhere in the world.

Through its Twitter (NYSE:) account, Zara reported that the designs for its new collection have been made in collaboration with Ader Error, one of the largest clothing brands in South Korea.

The joint release of the AZ Collection series promises to be one of the most talked about in the metaverse industry. The models are inspired by current fashions, according to what was reported by the Spanish chain.

Through the ADERERRORXZARA virtual store, hosted on the ZEPETO platform, all the pieces of the innovative collection are available. The site states that “you can buy virtual clothing and makeup for your avatar.”

On The Flipside

  • The famous Spanish chain with more than 7000 stores around the world, takes its first step to venture into Web 3.0. The virtual store already has 50,000 users interested in the collection.
  • ZEPETO’s choice to launch Zara’s new virtual fashion collection is no accident. The platform is a very popular metaverse with over 200 million users and high growth in the last year.

On the ZEPETO virtual platform, users can not only create their own versions of themselves but also live in a totally digital world. The app, which is available on the App Store and Play Store, allows metaverse enthusiasts to create animations just by taking a selfie.

The designs of Zara’s new virtual collection reflect the lifestyle of people “whose personalities are shaped by their simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual world,” the brand writes on its website.

This is “a project that reflects on the ability of language to express ideas, give rise to other ways of thinking and create new cultures,” it adds.

AZ Collection, includes unisex dyes and marked by wide and comfortable patterns. The fashion proposal is made up of winter clothes with a casual style such as pants, coats or sweatshirts.

Likewise, “it includes accessories such as scarves and wool hats, or something different, such as shirts and suits. Tones such as blue, gray and black predominate throughout the collection ”, as described by the Heraldo.es site”.

Garments whose prices average 199 euros are already available in the online store and in some physical stores in Spain, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, China and Japan.

For the Zara and Ader Error brands, the traffic and the functionalities of ZEPETO represent a great attraction. By accessing the platform, you can customize the avatars created and have access to various items of personal use, especially clothing and accessories.

Why You Should Care?

  • Although ZEPETO is not supported by blockchain technology, it allows trading with cryptocurrencies. After its association with the metaverse The Sandbox, it advances in the creation of a space dedicated to the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  • Like Adidas (OTC:) and other global companies, Zara is entering metaverses as part of a wave that is causing a sensation around the world.

Zara is not the only brand that has launched clothing collections. H&M has already done so by launching its virtual clothing collection in ‘Animal Crossing’, the Nintendo video game. As well as Gucci and Nike (NYSE:), which have a presence at ZEPETO.


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