THIS is the season you prefer the most, based on your zodiac sign

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A particular season might appeal to you more than others. There are some who prefer warm days, basking in the sun, floating around in sundresses and flip flops while there are others who prefer to stay cosy on a winter night in the comfort of their house whilst sipping on hot chocolate. Either way, there are fun ways to enjoy both seasons with equal enthusiasm. 

Some revel the most in winter while others blossom in summer. As we go through several transitions in the weather, our mood swings and behaviour also change rapidly, adjusting with the transition. There are some seasons in which you might thrive the most, while the other days you feel down and low. Winter could be a time for hibernation for some people, while others might be enjoying having fun in the snow. There is never an end to this debate as to which season is the most exciting and comforting. 

Let astrology guide you and tell you which season do you prefer based on your zodiac sign.


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Being the fire sign, Aries thrive the most in summer. This is the season for them to shine out and bring out the best version of themselves. They prefer the heat and can handle the hot months than cold winter nights. 


Taureans are a mix of both. They have both pros and cons for each season. However, the winter months are more preferable for this zodiac sign as they like to keep it cool and not lose their calm. During summer, they might enjoy doing certain activities that keep them active, but they find leisure and comfort only in winter.


This zodiac sign likes to go out and have fun. Life is all about socialising, partying and meeting like minded people. They prefer socialising during summer. It is the time for them to be at their best, be a little flirtatious, wear light and casual clothes that allow them to be free and have a gala time.


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A Cancerian is all about winter and making the most of winter nights curled up inside their blankets. They love a cosy winter night binge watching their favourite tv-series and making the most of their alone time at home. Throw in a couple of munchies like popcorn or hot chocolate and they are happy to go!


Leos love the sun and everything about summer! This zodiac sign is the happiest in the sun, sitting by the lake, enjoying a pool party, wearing dresses, flip flops and sunglasses to look their best. This zodiac sign is all about basking under the sun and enjoying the natural light that enters home. Summer months are the best for Leos as they prefer the heat over cold.


This zodiac sign like the chill and crispy air that is freezing cold. They like the cold gentle breeze running through their face and hair. They love the details that come along with winter. They love the snow and the silence that follows with the winter season.


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A Libra is always planning ahead and thinking about the future. They are the most active during the winter months and they love the excitement that comes in the new year after December. Hence, they prefer the winter months and thrive the most in this season. 


Another winter baby, this zodiac sign loves the thrill and excitement that comes in winter. They love the holiday season and feasting on big Christmas meals in winter. They prefer winter over summer simply because it is their time to shine, enjoy and go on a vacation with family and friends.


This zodiac sign likes to keep itself warm and loves going out on adventures. Summer is the time when they are active and thriving in nature. They prefer to keep it simple and get things going. Sagittarius will mostly prefer summer as they see an opportunity to go out, socialise, party and go on a beach holiday with their friends. 



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Work oriented Capricorn will prefer winter as they are the happiest setting goals and expectations for themselves. They always want to see a higher version of themselves in the next year and they like to keep themselves busy. Winter is their peak time when they are occupied with work and transitioning into the new year with new goals on their mind to achieve.


This zodiac sign is all about keeping it minimalistic. They prefer being alone at home and hence, they excel in winter. It is their favourite season as it allows them to remain in their comfort zone and not come out of their shell. 


Pisces is always dreaming of happier times and fantasizing about a dreamland where everything is perfect. They are the happiest in a valley of flowers, surrounded by blooming orchids. It is summer when they are the happiest and most active.

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