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Whitney Thore’s Best 2021 Fashion Looks

Through new love and traversing next steps in her life, Whitney has done it in style. We’ve collected her most fabulous looks of the year so far.

Whitney Way Thore has been sharing her experiences on My Big Fat Fabulous Life for eight seasons, and she’s had some killer fashion looks throughout the series. She not only shows off a dynamic style, but also consistently advocates for more inclusive sizing in women’s clothing. With season 9 of the TLC show premiering soon, it’s a good time to review Whitney’s best outfits of the year so far.

Outside of fashion, My Big Fat Fabulous Life has shown Whitney through many ups and downs over the years. That volatility seems to be continuing in the new season, with a teaser clip showing Whitney considering IVF and starting a new relationship. Whitney said in the trailer that “I am at a starting over point.” That fresh perspective seems to have extended into her wardrobe of fabulous looks this year.

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Flowy Goddess Look

Whitney shared this whimsical dress with fans on her Instagram in April. With eyelet detailing and an airy feel it certainly gives off, as Whitney puts it, “goddess vibes.” The dress is further complimented by her choice of matching geometric jewelry.

Fit & Fabulous Look

Beyond collecting a closet of fun looks, Whitney also often partners with brands to showcase their clothing. She most frequently shows off looks from her partnership with Athleta, like this eye-catching bodysuit. With a cutout at the back and stripe accents, it’s a fun combination of sporty and sexy. NoBSactive, the online fitness program Whitney runs, focuses on a body positive perspective towards athletics. The TV star is extremely passionate about fitness and often posts workout videos to her social media.

French Florals Look

Maxi skirts and long dresses are a staple in Whitney’s wardrobe. She twirled in this gorgeous floral skirt while on vacation in France. The rich turquoise color is made all the more powerful by the muted tank she paired it with. Whitney has a long love affair with France. Her ex-fiancé Chase Severino proposed to her in Paris and the two broke it off less than a year later after it was discovered that Chase had cheated on her. Now, Whitney has found love in France yet again.

The trailer for the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life showed her flying to France to finally meet a man who she formed a connection with online. Things seem to be going well for the pair, as Whitney catalogued six weeks spent abroad together on her social media. Though she has posted several pictures with her new beau, his face is hidden in the snapshots for privacy. Fans are eager to see where the relationship goes once Whitney returns to the U.S.

Beach Babe Look

This nautical romper is the perfect look for a day spent lounging on a boat. Tie-dye stripes and a flowing silhouette make Whitney look radiant out on the water. As a plus size woman, Whitney said she’s tired of discussing her weight, particularly on social media. When she’s simply sharing an outfit on Instagram, she will often get comments about her size. Whitney isn’t shy about firing back at these commenters, asserting that her weight should have nothing to do with whether or not someone likes her fashion. Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life agree, and can’t wait for the new season to drop to see more of Whitney’s style.

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