18/05/2024 6:20 AM


Fashion The Revolution

Winter clothing drive underway

Oct. 19—HENDERSON — Henderson organization People for the People is hosting a winter clothing drive. The drive started on Sept. 21 and donations will be accepted until the end of December.

This is People for the People’s first clothing drive. The purpose of the drive is to help those in the community that are in need stay warm throughout the winter season. People for the People is accepting coats, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, and anything that’s used to keep warm during the winter.

“We had met a woman in need of assistance here in Henderson,” said People for the People co-founder Amina Shabazz. “We couldn’t find any programs who could help her. One of her issues was that she didn’t have electricity. It’s not just her. It’s a lot of people going through the same problem. It’s about to be cold and we wanted to make sure nobody was freezing this winter.”

To donate goods, call 252-425-3772 or email [email protected]. The organization also encourages those in need of winter clothing or goods to contact them.

“We hope to inspire people of Henderson and nationally,” said People for the People co-founder Yanga Nkrumah. “We all can do this. We all can control the elements that we can control in our life. We should do that to make it better for each one of us in Henderson. This is this time we have a coat or two and next time you may have an extra bean to put in our pocket. It’s how we can all pull together to make Henderson a better place.”

People for the People was founded in 2015 to teach self-determination and taking care of each other to the Henderson community.