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10 Park Features That Make It Unique

Every Disney Park offers something unique and magical to guests. Although the concept may have started in the United States, Disneyland Paris has continued to innovate and create bold new attractions, hotels, and other features which really stand out compared to Disney’s alternative locations.

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Whether it’s the castle itself, a specific ride, or perhaps some of the interactive features of the Park, Disneyland Paris has thrilled guests with its whimsical approach to storytelling. Fans travel across the world to find elements and enjoy attractions that have come to define what the Paris iteration of the Park really stands for.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Disneyland Paris fireworks surrounding the castle

Although the castle at the end of Main Street is inspired by the Sleeping Beauty construct found at the California Disneyland, it still varies in both its size and its design. The bright pink and blue coloring is consistent, but the number of turrets and expansive walls surrounding the piece is all unique.

Guests can even enter the castle where they will be greeted with a retelling of famous fairytales that have come to have such an impact on Disney’s own storytelling. It’s a striking piece of imagery, with the tallest tower upon the castle becoming an iconic symbol of the Paris Park, considering it is so often surrounded by mesmerizing fireworks.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

Alices Curious Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris

While Disney continues to expand their latest rides by basing them on their movie releases, the Parks also features a range of other interactive attractions which are still inspired by classic cinema. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is a perfect example of that and is found exclusively at Disneyland Paris.

Although some international parks have a variation that is focused on Tim Burton’s live-action film, the maze here takes its wonderous design from the animated release from Walt Disney Studios. The labyrinth is simple to complete but hides a number of secrets that fans of Alice In Wonderland will adore.

The Hotels

Hotel Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris

Every Disney Park has a unique array of places for guests to stay in, which continues the immersive experience. For those visiting Disneyland Paris, there are several memorable hotels from the Cars-themed Santa Fe, to the Davy Crockett Ranch.

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The likes of the Disneyland Hotel, Newport Bay Club and Hotel New York, The Art Of Marvel are all premium experiences, while areas such as Hotel Cheyenne or the Sequoia Lodge are slightly more affordable but still stunning. Disney fans may wish to explore all the hotels thanks to their imaginative concepts.

The Dragon’s Lair

Although there are always theme park rides that deserve their own movie adaptation, as has been the case for Disney over the years, it’s always surprising that attractions such as this don’t prompt some kind of cinematic spin-off. The Dragon beneath the castle is a great inclusion for Disneyland Paris and one that has become synonymous with the Park.

The Dragon can’t be found in any other Disney media but is an original creation for this attraction. The mysterious cave is slightly difficult to find, but the exhilarating moment guests come face to face with a steaming beast is definitely worth it. Perhaps a future release will include this design in its fantastical tale.

The Storybook River

Storybook River at Disneyland Paris

Visitors can experience a stunning fable-based land at Disney, which takes its architecture from the many fairytales that the company has adapted into its animated movies. A miniaturized variation of some of these gorgeous towns can be viewed from the Storybook River.

Guests will board small boats which slowly take them through a whimsical fantasy land. There are plenty of recognizable buildings amongst these villages and the tour even travels through the cave seen in AladdinIt’s a peaceful trip and can only be found at Disneyland Paris.

Crush’s Coaster

Crush's Coaster at Disneyland Paris

Finding Nemo is still one of Pixar’s most beloved releases and the turtle duo of Crush and Squirt have become so memorable that they now have a ride based upon them. Crush’s Coaster is fast-paced and allows guests to travel deep beneath the ocean.

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Featuring a range of characters that fans are definitely going to recognize, the ride vehicle spins rapidly as the attraction moves through the waves. It’s a hugely popular place for guests to visit often attracting long wait times and it’s pretty surprising that other Parks have not copied its unique concept.

The Mysteries Of The Nautilus

The Mysteries Of The Nautilus at Disneyland Paris

Parts of Disneyland Paris copy the colors and themes of classic movies, to appeal to European tastes. Space Mountain for instance has a vastly different design style when compared to international iterations. Nearby this construct is The Mysteries Of The Nautilus submarine experience.

Guests can climb down into the submerged vehicle and step into the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea walkthrough attraction, which is actually an updated variation of what was previously seen at the Californian Park. The fact that this experience has managed to keep its place at Disneyland Paris demonstrates that no matter how many updates are brought to the Parks, the classics still remain.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Peril

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Peril at Disneyland paris

Even before Disney acquired LucasFilm, the Indiana Jones franchise has had a home with Disney. As well as the death-defying stunt show at the Florida park, the Paris park has been home to an Indy-themed rollercoaster since 1993.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Peril is forged around an ancient piece of architecture, as it features its own original narrative that ultimately throws guests around a runaway cart track. It’s explosive, exciting and a must-visit for those trialing Disneyland Paris for the first time. Its theming is absolutely in line with what fans have seen on screen.

Adventure Isle

Adventure ISle at Disneyland Paris

Sometimes guests need to get away from the noise, the rides, the expensive shopping opportunities, and the busy paths. Adventure Isle is a brilliant area of the Park to do so and one that is partially based on adventure-style areas in other Disneylands.

The unique aspect of this small island though is its look and feel. It’s off the beaten track and eventually leads to a cute treehouse. Skull Rock lies beneath this island and guests are encouraged to discover some of its hidden secrets. It’s a fun combination of Peter PanTom Sawyer, and the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

The Haunted Mansion is such a huge part of the Disney Parks, as there is a variant available to visit at almost every Disneyland or World. There are movies and TV shows either in development or already released based upon its narrative. The image of the house itself is forever associated with Imagineering.

Phantom Manor is a slightly darker version of the experience. It utilizes some of the same effects and even story beats, but other elements and the construction of the building itself are specially curated to match the overall aesthetic and themes of Disneyland Paris.

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