25/06/2024 11:51 AM


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Thieves steal over $15k in hair from black owned beauty supply store

A surveillance camera catches two men breaking into a black owned beauty supply store and making away with thousands of dollars worth of hair.

The co-owners of Zoet Beauty Supply, Charis McWhorter and Dana Hawkins, say took a major financial hit after the thieves broke into their Cobb County store early Friday morning.

“You haven’t just hurt us but you’ve hurt other people who have come here to shop,” Charis McWhorter said.

Surveillance cameras captured the men using flashlights to look through the window before finding a way to get inside.

“They took a spark plug and threw it to break glass first. It didn’t shatter but they took it and finished breaking the glass,” Dana Hawkins said.

Once inside, the men had a plan.

“This is where we think it was targeted or planned or they shopped with us before. They came in and immediately went two different ways and they went to the expensive things like the virgin hair wigs, virgin hair bundles and the expensive equipment like the clippers and trimmers,” Hawkins described.

The owners estimate the men took over $15, 000 within a matter of two minutes.

“They were watching, and they came in to really hurt the business,” McWhorter said.

“This whole area was full. This down here was full. What he did was he grabbed and snatched,” Hawkins said as he showed FOX 5 the area the thieves targeted.

Yes, the owners are upset about the break-in, but this hurts on a deeper level as few beauty supply stores are owned by African-Americans.

“This is our way of giving back,” McWhorter said.

“Less than 3% are black owned but about 99% are supported by black customers. Therefore, we wanted to have representation to show you can do it too,” Hawkins explained.

“We are the beauty supply store of the community, and we want to continue to do that,” McWhorter said.

Anyone who can help identify the two suspects or has any other information related to the incident should contact Cobb County Police.