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15 things from QVC that can help you organize your home

Here's how to box up that clutter and send it on its way.

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Spring cleaning time is right around the corner, but if you’re already itching to get a jumpstart on tidying up the house, QVC is a great place to start. This iconic home shopping network offers everything from kitchen goods to celebrity brands and more, but if it’s home organization aids your after, QVC’s got you covered there, too.

From makeup storage cases that’ll keep all your primers, setting powders, and other cosmetics in check to car hooks that’ll stop your purse from tumbling over every time you hit a red light, these brilliant QVC products can help reduce clutter and make your everyday life easier to navigate. Here are 15 of the best containers, hangers, and more that shoppers swear by.

1. These space-saving hangers

Save space and tidy up messy closets.

Messy closets, meet your match. This set of 50 universal hangers is ideal if you’re looking for space-efficient solutions for wayward walk-ins, armoires, and more. Each one is made with a plush velvet lining over a thin yet durable plastic frame. Designed to keep everything from pants to button-ups in one tidy space, this pack has a 4.2-star rating on QVC and you can choose from four different color options. “Very sturdy,” wrote one QVC shopper. “The velvet keeps [your] clothes from falling off.”

Get the ClutterFree Universal Hangers, Set of 50 at QVC for $29.50

2. A set of extremely versatile dish drainers

This collapsible sink serves all kinds of purposes.

If you’re fed up with water dripping onto your freshly scrubbed floors every time you go to carry some defrosted chicken or rinsed veggies from the sink to the stove, you’re in luck. This 4.6-star rated set of collapsible dish drainers is like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen, only better. The reason? These stackable containers—which you could use for food prep or virtually anything where a bucket would come in handy—make it easy to carry, clean, or store all kinds of stuff. QVC customers are obsessed with them, too. “I get organic veggies and fruits shipped to me every week,” noted one shopper. “This is perfect to clean them in, drain the water, let them air dry in them and then move straight to the [fridge].”

Get the Collapsible Dish Drainers with Removable Drain, Set of 2 at QVC for $34

3. These storage boxes that you can actually see into

Store everything from handbags to scarves, and more.

From Dooney & Bourke bags to your favorite Denim & Co. jeans, the most beloved fashions and accessories in your wardrobe deserve the luxe treatment, especially when it comes to storing them over time. Enter, this four-pack of collapsible storage boxes, which have a 4.4-star rating on QVC and feature two small and two large containers. This collection is a must-have, especially if you’re afraid of losing track of where things are kept, as each one has a front-viewing window, so you can peer in without ever having to unzip and dig around. “I have ordered two sets of these and love them! They are easy to pop up, lightweight but sturdy, easy to collapse when not being used,” described one reviewer.

Get the Periea Collapsible Storage Boxes, Set of 4 at QVC for $47.91

4. A shower caddy that’s ridiculously easy to install

Reviewers say that installing this caddy is a breeze.

“I was finally able to get rid of the nasty corner shelf in my shower that had to be cleaned constantly,” raved one QVC shopper of this 4.3-star rated caddy and organizer set. It’s big enough to fit all your bath-time essentials, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more. Even better, this ultra-convenient pick—which features a striking angled shelving design for sturdier storage—sticks in place with a transparent glue that won’t stain or wreck shower tiles. Say goodbye to flimsy suction cups and frustrating screws; this bad Larry takes all the fuss out of installation, not to mention organization.

Get the Shower Gem Shower Caddy and Organizer Set at QVC for $35.99

5. This case that really is the ultimate way to store batteries

Not only are you getting a case--you're getting a way to test batteries.

Here’s the thing about batteries: They’re essential for powering all kinds of gadgets, but they’re a pain in the neck to store. Another thing that’s aggravating about them is that it can be tough to tell if they’re still good to use or not. That’s what makes this 4-star rated storage container such a game-changer. It’s designed to hold up to 180 batteries, including AAs, AAAs, 9-volts, and more, and is basically a Virgo’s dream, because there are specific slots for each type. The real gem of this deluxe container is that it features a built-in digital battery tester, so you can know for sure whether or not the one you’re about to slip into your favorite toy is good or not.

Get the Deluxe 180-Battery Organizer Storage Case with Digital Tester at QVC for $38.26

6. A kitschy but cute utensil crock

Add a little color to your kitchen with this utensil crock.

Temp-tations is one of the most popular kitchen brands on QVC, but this cute little crock is among the best products you can snag from the brand right now, especially if you’re trying to corral all your kitchen utensils in one place. Big enough to store wooden spoons, spatulas, and other items, this 4.6-star rated selection also features a space to rest your smartphone or tablet, which is perfect if you’re trying to follow along with recipes as you cook. “I love using this. It’s a great spot for items that I’m always using and it’s the best place to keep my phone/kindle while baking,” described one QVC reviewer. As a bonus perk, it’s emblazoned with a sassy but sweet message, for a little extra oomph.

Get the Temp-tations Classic Tablet Utensil Crock at QVC for $18.50

7. This pod carousel that makes finding K-Cups a breeze

You'll be able to easily find your favorite K-Cup with this carousel.

We love Keurigs here at Reviewed—so much so that they’re among our favorite pod coffee makers. One thing probably everyone can agree on though? Keeping K-Cups organized and easy to find is a real hassle. This pod carousel is a great alternative to the tower stack that might be dangerously close to toppling over on your kitchen countertop, as it spins around and can hold up to 36 K-Cups at a time. “This is so much nicer than the basket I had been using,” wrote one shopper of this 4.9-star rated pick. “This carousel is sturdy [and] my [K-Cups] do not fall out when turning.”

Get the Keurig 36 K-Cup Pod Carousel at QVC for $21.59

8. A makeup case to clear away cosmetic clutter

Big enough for all your favorite lipsticks, nail polishes, and more.

Even if you have a vanity table, it’s important to have a makeup storage container around because otherwise, it’s easy to lose track of where all your lipsticks, nail polishes, and other goodies might be. With a 4.3-star rating on the site, this sleek case is a must-own for beauty lovers because it offers 16 slot compartments, three drawers, and even comes with a two-sided, removable magnifying mirror. “Don’t be fooled by the size,” advised one customer. “It’s nice and compact yet holds a lot of make-up.”

Get the Sorbus Makeup Storage Case With Mirror at QVC for $28

9. This expandable cookware rack that feels heaven sent

At long last, a solution to messy cabinets.

Is the cabinet where you keep all your pots and pans a complete disaster? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. This expandable cookware rack is for anyone whose stomach does a belly flop every time they need to paw through one of those messy shelves for the right lid. Available in two shades, this 4.4-star rated organizer features 10 adjustable dividers and can fit lids, skillets, pans, and then some. “Sooooooooo glad I bought this item,” raved one QVC reviewer. “[It] works perfectly in my cupboard over the stove [and] ALL my (many) lids now are completely organized and EASILY available for me to grab at will.”

Get the YouCopia Expandable StoreMore Cookware Rack at QVC for $26.61

10. An under-the-bed shoe organizer that’s simple to use

This shoe pinwheel organizer is a great option for under-the-bed storage.

Never underestimate the importance of a reliable shoe organizer. Take, for instance, this pack of two pinwheel containers, which is designed to hold all manner of footwear. It features an all-around zip top that’s also translucent, so you can easily get a gander at what’s inside without having to fret over whether your fave flats are in this one or another. Additionally, it fits under most beds and has handles, so you won’t have to strain too hard when you tug it out from underneath.

Get the Shoe-Go-Round Pinwheel 12 Pocket Organizer at QVC for $33

11. These mats for sliding appliances around with ease

Move Keurigs, microwaves, and more with ease, thanks to these mats.

Appliances are expensive. Point of fact, so are most countertops. If you want to avoid having a microwave covered in dings or a countertop that looks all scuffed up and worse for wear every time you need to reorganize your kitchen, these kitchen glide mats are the unsung hero to call on, time and time again. Just place your appliances on top and the mat will work its magic from there—it really is that seamless. “So far, we’ve placed one under our Kitchen Aid mixer and one under a latte/cappuccino maker,” wrote one reviewer of this 4.4-star rated four-pack. “Both appliances are too heavy to move about easily on the counter top, but these change all that.”

Get the Kitchen Glide Mat Multi-Size, Set of 4 at QVC for $24.50

12. A set of car hooks to keep your purse from spilling over

These hooks help keep shopping bags secure during bumpy rides.

Headed out for the highway, but wish you had a better way to keep your purse from toppling over every time you make a hard swerve? This set of four car hooks delivers. Compatible with most car seats, these sturdy hangers have a 4.6-star rating on QVC and can help keep coats, grocery bags, and more off the floor and easily accessible, no matter what kind of bumpy roads you encounter. “So practical and very reasonably priced,” noted one customer. “They keep my purse, take-out food, and gift bags from flying all over the place.”

Get the High Road Car Hook Seat Hangers, Set of 4 at QVC for $21

13. A pill organizer to help you stay on track

Here's where to keep all of your essential pills and vitamins.

Making sure you take the right pills or supplements each day can be vitally important, especially if you have major health issues. Fortunately, this lockable tote offers a comprehensive system that uses colored organizers to help you stay on track each day. You’re getting a lot of value with this, as it comes with not only a carrying case, but 21 pouches, seven colored tabs, seven pill pouch refills, and a medication chart. “I really like the flexibility of being able to add or remove the pill pouches depending on how many times a day I need to take my pills,” wrote one QVC reviewer of this 4.2-star rated case.

Get the Pillpanion Lockable Tote With Pill Organization System at QVC for $33.36

14. These magnetic shelves that make great spice racks

These magnetic shelving units are ideal for spices, condiments, and more.

Stylish, simple to hang up, and reliable, these 4.7-star rated magnetic shelves can hold up to six pounds and fasten in place magnetically, which makes them ideal for fridges or other metallic surfaces. “I simply love these shelves. They are strong and sturdy,” noted one happy shopper of this two-pack. “I like that they add extra storage for my spices and vitamins.”

Get the Magnetic Kitchen Organizer Shelves, Set of 2 at QVC for $33.46

15. An over-the-door jewelry organizer that’s also super chic

This jewelry organizer also doubles as a great piece of décor.

Your most treasured necklaces, earrings, and other trinkets will be much easier to find once they’re all stored in one spot. This over-the-door organizer offers that, but gives you something extra as well: an eye-catching piece of décor. At first glance, it’s a full-size mirror. Take a closer step, open it up, and inside you’ll have space galore for all kinds of gems, as this features 60 earring slots and ring pockets, plus 18 multi-purpose hooks. “It’s a convenient way to open up and see all your jewelry and it really declutters having everything in one place,” wrote one reviewer.

Get the ClutterFree Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer at QVC for $127.25

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