19/05/2024 5:09 AM


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44 Cheap Things That’ll Genuinely Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

Throughout the week, I often engage in conversations with myself. They tend to go like this: “Get your sh*t together.” Keeping all the trains in my life running can often be a tricky task. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for simple hacks that help with the task of managing life. Whether it’s organizing paperwork or setting up a beauty routine that makes the morning run a little bit more smoothly, I’m always in for a clever solution — even more so if it’s cheap. That’s exactly when I head for Amazon. There’s so many things that’ll help you get your sh*t together, and so many of them are super inexpensive.

Seriously: Pulling the pieces of your life together is so freaking easy when you’re online shopping. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to streamline your work-from-home office with an expandable bookshelf or if your closet could use a complete overhaul. You can find products and solutions, like this cool and cheap handbag organizer that really does help keep yourself organized.

What I also like is that shopping on Amazon is like hanging out with hundreds (if not thousands) of best friends who have already bought and tried the things you have your eyes on — and they’ve even left reviews. And, as a bonafide buying bestie, I’m here to share a few of my favorite cheap items to genuinely help you get your sh*t together.

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A Set Of Clear Storage Drawers That Stack To Save On Space

It’s hard to keep nail polish and other beauty supplies organized and contained. These stackable drawers make the job so much easier. Clear plastic construction makes it easy to seek your stuff, and the drawers pull out for quick access. Use them above or below your sink for almost effortless organization.


This Expandable Wooden Bookshelf For Desks & Counters

Keep your cookbooks displayed on a counter or provide a place for plants and books on your desk with this versatile expandable bookshelf. Compact construction fits into small spaces, and the crisp white finish adds a modern touch to your abode. This wooden shelf expands outward as your collections grow.


This Simple Bedside Caddy With Room For All Your Nighttime Essentials

Your bed is your nest, and what better way to feather it than with this clever bedside caddy? The top slides between your mattress and box spring, letting the organizer hang freely. Pockets provide space for your phone, lotions, remotes, and even your water bottle so you can keep them from getting tangled in blankets or dropped on the floor.


The Rubber Mattress Band That Helps Keep Your Fitted Sheet In Place

Toss and turn as much as you’d like with this bedsheet holder in place. It simply won’t let go and holds your fitted sheet in place without needing clips, fasteners, or other attachments. You can even tuck your top sheet into the band to keep it from riding up in the night. It can be installed within minutes, too.


A Portable Jewelry Organizer That’s Easy To Travel With

Bring your gold, silver, and your pearls along on your next vacation with this compact jewelry organizer. Divided compartments offer a place for bracelet and watches, while the middle divider is made for post-backing earrings. It even has room for all your rings, and the top snaps shut to keep it all contained in your luggage. You get seven color options.


This Eyeglasses Case You Can Take On The Go

Keep your glasses together and protected with this eyeglass case that has room for up to three pairs. It’s dust-proof, water-resistant, and durable, making it a perfect travel companion for your every adventure. A flocked interior keeps delicate lenses safe from scratches. This case features two snaps to keep it securely closed.


These Reusable Makeup Removal Cloths That Don’t Need Soap To Work

These reusable makeup-removing cloths offer a cheap, effective way to remove your cosmetics every day. The microfiber construction doesn’t need soap for a deep clean that’s “better than name brands,” as one reviewer shared. Soft construction is suitable for every skin type, including sensitive. Choose from coral or gray.


An Acrylic Organizer That Holds All Your Makeup Or Accessories

Organize your beauty essentials and keep them right where you can see them with this clear cosmetic organizer. Three levels of drawers offer space for jewelry and small palettes, while the divided spaces on top offer room for brushes, lipsticks, and foundation. Place this compact organizer on a dresser or counter for a quick, cheap solution to keep your stuff together.


A Lipstick Organizer That Keeps Your Favorite Shades Within Easy Reach

If you have trouble keeping tabs on your lipstick as it rolls around the drawer, this compact and affordable organizer provides a perfect solution. It’s clear, so you can see colors quickly — and it offers space for up to 18 glosses and stains. You simply won’t need anything else to keep it all contained.


These Makeup Brush Holders That You Can Also Use For Desk Supplies

This elegant little brush holder looks so good on your vanity, yet costs less than an average lunch. Three sections offer space for storing brushes and product, while the sturdy construction offers years of use. Choose from seven pretty colors to match your decor.


A Stainless Steel Soap Holder That Sticks Easily To Shower & Tub Walls

Make your shower more functional without having to grab your toolbox. This stainless steel wire soap holder sticks easily in place with adhesive and two mounts. A total of four hooks provide a spot for razors, poufs, and loofahs, while the generous soap dish lets your bar drain for less mess. Rustproof and waterproof, this dish offers years of use.


A Clever Self-Closing Dispenser Cap For Your Toothbrush

It may seem like a little thing, but squeezing out a bit of toothpaste on your brush and then having to somehow get the top back on is hard work. This self-closing dispenser cap lets you do it quickly and with just one hand. A versatile, universal design works with a range of tubes, letting you get it together fast. You get three for just $10.


This Slim Rolling Cart With 3 Tiers For Storage

After you get it together, you can wheel it anywhere with this three-tier cart. A super-slim profile slides in next to your bed or a bathroom vanity, adding a ton of extra storage space where you thought you’d have none. Plastic bins provide stable storage for cleaning supplies, plants, and more, while the 360-degree rotating wheels offer easy maneuvering.


These Drawers That Add Extra Storage To Desks, Tables & Counters

Create a little extra space for your desk or crafting table with this set of two under-desk drawers. You can use them for charging cables, pens, scissors, or even thread, freeing up your workspace and clearing out clutter. These inexpensive drawers don’t need hardware to install; simply affix them with the included strong adhesive.


This Over-The-Door Styling Tool Organizer That Saves Your Counter From Clutter

Hang this basket over a door, and you’ve got a handy spot for storing your blow-dryer, straighteners, and curling irons that doesn’t take up space. Four compartments make it easy to stow your tools, while the basket on the bottom has space for your combs and brushes. Super simple and so cheap.


This Mouse Ledge That Attaches To The Side Of Your Laptop

This mouse ledge is so simple and so helpful that I really wish I had thought of it. The versatile design attaches to either side of your laptop (for left-handed or right-handed use), and it offers extra space to move a mouse. Choose from black or gray to match your machine.


A Transparent Sticky Note That Lets You Highlight Info Without Damaging The Page

Taking notes and highlighting key information is a helpful way to study. These transparent sticky notes let you do that without marking up your books. The movable notes are ideal for suggesting edits or even tracing images and graphs. Each pack comes with 50 notes, and you get 10 packs for just $12.


This Organizing Dock That Holds All Your Devices (No Matter The Size)

If you’ve got more devices than surfaces to place them on, this universal organizing dock provides a perfect, cheap solution. Adjustable dividers offer a flexible fit for phones, tablets, and other devices, and a weighted bottom holds the whole thing in place. The compact design fits easily on a desk or side table.


A Car Net That Helps Pets Stay Put During Road Trips

Safety is key when you travel with your pet, and this car net provides an extra layer of protection every time you hit the road (it’s also a storage net). The elastic mesh net stretches between front seats and hooks easily to headrests, creating a barrier that keeps dogs and cats from entering the front seat and getting underfoot.


This Universal Knife Block With A Stainless Steel Exterior

Don’t let the compact size fool you: This universal knife block holds up to 12 knives in place without taking up much space on your counter. An included slot provides a spot to hang scissors, and the stainless steel exterior adds an oh-so sophisticated touch. Store blades up to 8 inches to keep them from cluttering up drawers.


These Under-Cabinet Utensil Holders That Help You Save On Space

Many utensil canisters can look clunky on your counters, but it’s good to have a spot for your cooking stuff. These under-cabinet utensil holders let you do just that without taking up valuable kitchen real estate. Double-sided sticky patches hold them securely in place, while six hooks on each are ideal for whisks, spatulas, and even coffee mugs.


A Clever Cutlery Organizer That Takes Up Way Less Space In Your Drawer

Over 50,000 Amazon reviewers are raving about this super-simple answer to a crowded silverware drawer. The layered profile takes up way less room, and lets you slide in and separate your forks, knives, and spoons. This cutlery organizer holds up to 24 utensils, so you can keep all your stuff together.


These Drawer Organizers That Are Expandable

Sometimes, a simple idea can go really far in helping you get your sh*t together. For instance, this set of drawer organizers fits in dresser or kitchen drawers, helping you organize your space. The expandable plastic profiles offer a perfect fit, and the system uses tension locks to stay reliably upright and in place. They’re available in four colors.


These Lid Holders That Attach To Cabinet Doors

There’s never really a place to keep pan lids in cupboards or drawers. This set of pan lid organizers mounts them on a wall or door to contain clutter and keep them within reach. Strong 3M tape holds them in place, and each holder can handle lids from 6 to 9.5 inches for versatile use.


These Car Headrest Hooks That Hold Your Purse, Backpack, Or Shopping Bags

Picture your commute. You’re driving along and have to make a sudden stop, and your bag doesn’t spill all its contents on the floorboards. That’s what happens with this set of four universal car hooks that mount to your headrests. Each one is made of durable ABS for longevity, providing a perfect spot for purses or grocery bags that weigh up to 13 pounds.


This Wall-Mounted Holder For Your Remote Or Phone

Mount this holder on your wall and always have a spot to set your remote or your phone. The simple design blends right in with your decor, and the sturdy construction delivers reliable daily use, keeping your important devices out of the couch cushions. Adhesive mounting eliminates the need for tools or other hardware.


A One-Touch Pump That Attaches Directly To A 5-Gallon Bottle

You don’t need to lease an expensive cooler to enjoy fresh, filtered water at home. This compact water bottle pump attaches directly to 5-gallon jugs and dispenses water with just a tap. The 4-watt pump delivers reliable performance, filling glasses or even pitchers. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery for flexible placement.


This Board That Makes It So Easy To Fold Your Clothes

This shirt-folding board can help you get your laundry together and organized. The flexible folding boards result in uniformly folded shirts, pants, and even towels in just seconds — and it folds up in between uses for easy storage. A 4.6-star rating shows it’s no joke.


This Slide-Out Tray That’s Ideal For Countertop Small Appliances

Slide out small appliances only when you need them with this set of two sliding trays. Each holds up to 25 pounds, making them perfect for coffee makers and stand mixers — and the slim construction melds easily with your appliance and the countertop. This clever design helps you save on counter space.


This Cordless, Expandable Floor & Shower Scrubber That Reaches Every Corner

You can clean floors, showers, and practically anything else with this cordless electric spin scrubber that handles the elbow grease for you. It runs for up to 2.5 hours on a charge, letting you take on demanding tasks without having to stop and power up. Three scrubbing heads meet a range of jobs, and a convenient mount provides a place to put it between uses.


A Plastic Bag Dispenser That Mounts To Cupboard Doors

Reduce the space your plastic grocery bags take up while you recycle and reuse with this convenient plastic bag holder. The clever design makes it easy to stuff and lets you grab bags one at a time as you need them. Pre-drilled holes make it super simple to mount this holder on a door or a laundry room wall.


This Small Hanging Trash Bin That’s Perfect For Food Peels & Clippings

You don’t need a giant trash can when the mess you’re making is minimal. Mount this compact hanging trash can to your cupboard doors or drawers to quickly handle vegetable peelings or crafting scraps. An included liner rim holds small trash bags in place, and the hold thing folds up and out of the way in between uses. Choose from coffee, gray, or white.


This Clear Wall Protector That Helps Protect Against Oil & Water Splatters

Protect walls and wood from random oil and water splashes with this clear wallpaper that’s super easy to set in place. Simply peel off the backing and mount it to your wall. The versatile design works well in any spot that needs a little extra protection, including laundry rooms and behind your garbage cans.


These Reusable Covers That Fit Around Your Gas Stove Burners

Ranges and stovetops have a way of getting messy pretty quick. These burner covers help keep that from happening. They’re easy to customize by cutting to size and are heat-resistant for use on the stove. Instead of scrubbing, stick these covers in the dishwasher to remove any drips or dribbles. The package includes 10 reusable covers.


These Cable Management Sleeves That Help Control Cord Clutter

Wrap up your cords in one neat package with this set of cable management sleeves. Ideal for office setups or your entertainment center, these sleeves zip into place for effortless containment of up to 10 cables. You get four in the package, so you can use them in living rooms, bedrooms, and beyond.


An Under-Sink Organizer That You Can Customize To Fit Your Space

In my opinion, pipes shouldn’t get in the way of usable storage space. This under-sink organizer does a perfect job of making use of the area around your plumbing in kitchens and in baths. It’s expandable to fit your cupboard dimensions and has convenient cutouts that work around your pipes. Two tiers offer more than enough room for everything.


These Mug Holders That Slide Over Cupboard Shelves For Extra Space

Slide these hanging hook racks over your shelf for a simple way to add so much more storage to your spaces. In a kitchen cupboard, they’re great for coffee mugs — but you can use them in closets for hanging ties, bags, and other accessories. No hardware is needed, and each rack boasts six hooks.


These Acrylic Shelf Dividers To Organize Clothes, Towels & More

Stack towels or sweaters high without worrying about them tumbling over when you put these shelf dividers in place. The clear acrylic construction has a barely-there look, creating a streamlined space you can be proud of. Each package contains four dividers to help you get a hold on your stuff.


A Convenient Bottle Carrier With Space For All Your Essentials

This genius water bottle holder really helps you keep your sh*t together when you’re on the go. It holds (and insulates) bottles from 16 to 25 ounces to keep you cool and refreshed. An ample zippered front pocket holds your phone, wallet, and keys, while a smaller pocket provides space for ID and your credit cards. Pick from five colors.


This Organizer That’s Made Specifically For Your Purse

Large designer tote bags are fun to invest in, but they can be difficult to keep organized. That’s where this purse insert comes into play. Nine interior pockets help keep your stuff neatly organized, while three exterior pockets let you slip in a phone and charging cable. Match your bag with a choice of 16 colors.


This Hanging Handbag Organizer That Lets You Show Off All Your Favorite Bags

Display your collection of purses with this thoughtful hanging organizer. Clear pockets let you show off favorite finds, while the 360-degree swivel offers easy access from a closet rod. Featuring four pockets on each side, this organizer is even great at storing towels, blankets, or other items.


This Versatile Lazy Susan With 2 Separate Compartments

Keep all your bathroom stuff together and close by with this simple lazy Susan that fits in cupboards or closets. Two compartments let you separate items by use or need, and the whole thing spins 360 degrees for effortless access. Choose from four light and pretty colors.


A Sleek Stainless Steel Shower Caddy That Installs Without Tools

Sleek and stylish, this shower caddy provides a spot for all your shower stuff. Stainless steel construction simply refuses to rust, and the four hooks offer spots for your razor, sponge and washcloth. You can use the caddy for shower gels and shampoos, and it installs easily without needing to drill any holes.


This Clear, Divided Organizer For Your Cotton Balls & Swabs

So many reviewers love the “perfect size” of this acrylic countertop organizer. Three partitions let you separate your toiletries, while a lid helps keep everything protected and dry. The compact dimensions make it a great solution for smaller vanities and countertops.