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Bephie Gibbs Is The Most Stylish Person On HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’

Bephie Gibbs Is The Most Stylish Person On HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest fashion competition shows, then you are probably familiar with the HBO Max series, The Hype. The new fashion series focuses specifically on the world of streetwear and presents 10 young designers the opportunity to compete for the chance to win $150,000 with their fate decided by judges Marni Senofonte, Offset and fashion standout Bephie Gibbs.

Beth Gibbs, also known as Bephie, is the founder of Bephie’s Beauty Supply and co-owner of the retailer, Union LA. In addition, Gibbs also serves as a creative director and stylist. During the eight episodes of The Hype, Bephie serves countless, eye-catching looks from head to toe. Let’s explore.

Her outfits worn throughout the series started with dreaming up her extraordinary hairstyles with her hairstylist, Miles Jeffries. “I love to wear my natural hair, so we had to think about how we could keep my kinky styles and incorporate some of his ‘bangers’,” says Gibbs. With each look, Gibbs wore a hairstyle that celebrated Black hair in the most stylish and fun way. “Just like my styling, I like to juxtapose my looks,” she says. “I’ll always throw you off a little bit just to have some fun. I feel like when you see natural hairstyles it’s always so serious and done in a certain way, so I just wanted to have fun with it and switch it up.”

One of our favorite looks from Mrs. Gibbs included a twisted loc hairstyle accessorized with looped orange braids around her edges, which was complemented with a green Cactus Plant Flea Market jersey, yellow trousers, and fuzzy cheetah print earrings that were upcycled by Equihua. Her funky, yet sharp wardrobe consists of several pieces from Japanese streetwear designers, and when asked what inspires her style, she shared “I’ve always had an interesting style from just always wanting to be different.” 

Bephie’s involvement with Union LA and her career being centered in fashion leads her to discover new designers on a daily basis. That said, it was a must for ESSENCE to ask her who are some of Bephie’s favorite designers right now. Her list includes: Bephie’s Beauty Supply, Jordan, Kapital, Union, Norblack Norwhite, Studio 189, and Marine Serre.

For more of Gibbs’ fashion inspo, check out The Hype on HBO Max.

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