18/05/2024 6:13 AM


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Bridgerton and Doctor Who stars join Stephen Fry for Sleeping Beauty

Stephen Fry is set to narrate a festive edition of Sleeping Beauty alongside Bridgerton‘s Phoebe Dynevor and Doctor Who‘s Rochenda Sandall, with RadioTimes.com able to share an exclusive featurette on how the audiobook’s soundtrack was recorded.

The festive reimagining of the classic fairytale is set for release on Thursday 2nd December, with Dynevor voicing Aurora and Fry lending his voice to her father King Lothar, who adopts the young princess and raises her as his own.

Line of Duty star Sandall voices Aurora’s mother, who takes revenge on the king by placing a curse on the princess and the kingdom, which is plunged into an enchanted slumber.

Shortly afterwards, the woodcutter’s son Peter – who is voiced by 1917’s Adam Hugill – sets out on a journey to rescue his true love Aurora and break the curse.

The audiobook is accompanied by a soundtrack performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, which is inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet score and detailed in the exclusive clip featuring interviews with director Tamsin Collison and producer Jonathan Allen.

Speaking about the audiobook, Phoebe Dynevor said: “As an actor, you are so used to working on every element of a character, from their characteristics, their movements, traits, expressions.

“Having just your voice to convey every motion for the listener was a brilliant learning experience, a welcomed challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on this project – especially having grown up with the story of Sleeping Beauty.”

Sleeping Beauty is available exclusively on Audible from Thursday 2nd December. Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.