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London footfall is decimated due to the train strike

Central London footfall drops 31.7% due to train strikes

London footfall is decimated due to the train strike
// Footfall across UK high streets and shopping centres decline from last week
// Footfall in Central London dropped 31.7% from last week due to train strikes

The train strikes have had a “huge impact” on footfall across high streets and shopping centres in the UK, as they threaten to cause further disruption to retail.

Footfall in Central London up to 1pm today had dropped by 31.7% compared to last week due to today’s train strike, with high streets across the country most affected as employees work at home and Brits postpone shopping trips, according to Springboard.

High street footfall is 9.5% lower today than on the same day in 2021 but over a third lower than in the same day on 2019.

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“The gap from the 2019 level has not been as wide since the beginning of 2022,” Springboard insights director, Diane Wehrle said.

“Inevitably, given its reliance on public transport, footfall in Central London has been hit even harder, with a drop of 31.7% from last week and the gap from 2019 widening to 41.8% – by far the largest gap from 2019 since 2021.

“The impact on retail and hospitality businesses in what is a critical trading time of the year, less than two weeks before Christmas, will undoubtedly be severe and could mean failure for some.”