Heather Dubrow Defends Talking About Money; Reveals She And Alexis Bellino Are Good Friends Now

Shirley P. Olin

Fancy Pants is no hypocrite! We all know that Heather Dubrow is rich. And I mean, RICH rich. The Real Housewives of Orange County star had her $20M house built from scratch. Husband Terry Dubrow has a hit show, Botched. The two also successfully sell their skincare line on a home shopping network. Oh and Heather has her own podcast. Now I’m not sure how lucrative that is, but she has it so it’s worth noting.

Either way, Heather’s money has been featured extensively during her return to RHOC this season. She threw a $30+k sushi party to kick off the season and while it ended in shambles, it was pretty fancy. Sure, production likely paid for it. But it doesn’t negate the fact that Heather is getting big bucks to host a soiree. Dr. Jen Armstrong’s brain scan party wasn’t $30k, I can tell you that much. Heather also flew the ladies to Mexico (private, of course) and spend her time making plans with an architect for her vacation mansion.


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But Heather hasn’t always been kind of those who have flaunted their wealth in the past. Mainly towards Alexis Bellino, who spent four seasons telling us alllll about her material things. Heather gave Alexis a hard time about it and now has to defend herself against the allegation that she’s a hypocrite for it.

At a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen made Heather answer for her financial crimes! A fan question read, “Remember when you chastised Alexis for talking about material things and wealth? Don’t you think you’re exhibiting the same behavior now?”

Heather responded, “Ummm no. And I think you’re seeing private moments between Terry and I are talking about things that are obviously on television but they are our private moments. Or you know, if we are touring a lot, or whatever it is, it’s my actual life. It’s not me sitting around a table going ‘And guess what I bought today.’”


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She quickly added, “By the way, Alexis and I are really, really good. And she and I have become friends.” A surprised Andy asked, “Really?” Heather confirmed, “Yes, so I just wanted to say, we are all good.”

While Andy might have found this surprising, those of you Alexis fans probably did not. Just a few months ago, Heather revealed that she would like Alexis back on RHOC. Heather shared, “There was a conversation about Alexis maybe coming to something. I’ve seen Alexis over the years. She’s great. I’d be happy to see her back.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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