Be careful as YouTube expands online shopping

YouTube is pushing deeper into the world of online shopping, positioning itself as the streaming equivalent of QVC or HSN (a.k.a. the Home Shopping Network). The video platform said Tuesday it’s partnering with e-commerce heavyweight Shopify to expand its “creator-hosted streamed events.” Which is to say, more sales pitches from […]

YouTube goes all in on live shopping

YouTube is expanding its live shopping feature, joining other platforms in investing in livestream e-commerce amid mixed results. The video platform announced Tuesday that it is partnering with Shopify, an e-commerce platform, to launch integrated livestream shopping, a feature that TikTok recently reportedly dropped expansion plans for after it failed […]

Pandemic’s lesson for many older folks: Stay in your home as long as you can

Coughlin’s lab is designing prototypes of “smart homes” for older residents, equipped with social robots, voice-activated speakers that give medication reminders, motion sensors embedded in carpets to detect falls, and intelligent doorbells that double as security cameras. The innovations are being adopted piecemeal, but over time they’ll be integrated, and […]