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Professional Tips for Organizing Your Clothes Closet

WW Design Studio
Home Stretch

“Dust or vacuum before you put anything back in the closet,” Thomas says. “Dust mites destroy fabric, and they are horrible for people with allergies.”

After the closet is empty and clean, you’re heading for the home stretch. Don’t repeat old mistakes. No wire hangers. Make it a habit to return wire hangers to the dry cleaner for recycling. “Wooden, plastic, padded or flocked hangers are best for maintaining the shape of a garment,” Thomas says. “Make sure you shop for hangers with a nice, elongated hook and contoured shoulders. The longer hooks will help keep your collars in shape. The contoured shoulders mirror human shoulders and will help keep the garment in shape.” Keep in mind, too, that slim hangers create more space on the rod.

Choose clip or clamp-style hangers with felt or foam cushioning to hold skirts and pants in plush fabrics such as corduroy, velour or velvet. Tube style, open-ended hangers are a great choice for pants.

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